How the Vikings can build their own 12th man


The Minnesota Vikings have long been known as a losing franchise that can never win the big game. Our fan base has gotten used to disappointment, and the majority of Minnesotans have a rotten attitude towards the team.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many passionate Vikings fans here and around the world.  But a lot of casual fans are negative. People have told me that the Seattle Seahawks win at home because they have the 12th man. I can’t argue with that opinion whatsoever. It does however make me wonder why we don’t have that same passion in our own fan base. The Seahawks haven’t had any more success than our beloved Vikings, until last year that is. So what’s the difference?

Is it the stadium, the players, the coach, the general manager, or the owner? It’s hard to say for sure, but I am sure we can re-energize our own team with the similar passion Seattle has. Let’s take a look at a few simple things Viking fans can do to better our team and state.

Stop complaining and just support the team win or lose! It’s frustrating that we have no championships, but constantly talking about the failures of the past creates a losing culture. I’m so tired of other cities laughing at the Vikings.

There is a new coach in town, a ton of defensive talent, and a potential franchise quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater. I think we’re really going to surprise some people. So gear up, and prepare for an awesome season in 2014.

The more fans we can get to attend the games, the better. Let’s put Minneapolis, and the state of Minnesota on the national map as a major market. Why can’t we? We have a brand new stadium on the way, the potential of a Super Bowl coming here, and an exciting young team.

I’m looking forward to watching the Vikings this season at TCF Bank Stadium, as I have never been there. There’s a brand new stadium on the way, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support the team until it’s built.

Believe it or not, a winning football team is good for the entire state whether you follow football or not. I know many have been upset with the increase price of cigarettes to fund the new stadium, but in the end it will benefit everyone.

The stadium is going to create a lot of new jobs, bring many more people to the state, and be recognized as one of the most state of the art facilities in the NFL. TCF Bank Stadium will be rocking for the next two years, but it’s going to be insanely loud in the Vikings’ new stadium.

It truly is an exciting time to be a Minnesota Vikings fan. It would be great to see the attitude of the casual fan shift in a more positive direction. The only way that’s going to happen is by winning big games.

This passionate fan and writer, believes we have the players in place to contend in the near future. So go buy yourself a hat, a jersey of your favorite new player, get yourself some tickets, or rock out on the couch. As fans let’s do everything we can to help build a winning culture, identity, and attitude. Both as football team, and a state. SKOL Vikings!

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  • Anonymous

    Agreed.. Well put!!

  • Daniel Van Steenwyk

    I THINK YOU BOMBED ON THIS ONE. You start out negative towards the Viking population in general with the losing franchise crap, the casual fans are negative, and stop complaining? What the hell dude? We need to do this and we need to do that? B.S. You would get a lot more support if an every day person could even AFFORD to bring his family to a game. I have been to 2 games IN MY LIFE! Buy a jersey and a hat blah blah blah, are you serious? Tickets to the game, gas, time off, jersey, hat, hot dogs and sodas with all the betweeners is $1000 easily for your regular Joe, (and that was just for my son and I– 2 people!!). And you come off pointing the finger towards the fan? Lower your ticket and merchandise prices to something that reflects a team that cares about their fans, and you will sell out and fill the stadium every week. You talk passion and belief….I believe if in 1 year I brought my son to every home game, it would put my family in the poor house, I am pretty passionate about that. Now when that is the cost of supporting my home team, I might suggest it is not the fans fault the fan base is poor, it is the teams. I mean come on 5$ for a soda? 45$ for a hat? 300$ for my chair and that’s your idea of love huh? Dude……you want to fill the house, and rip off the roof top, then you need to start acting like it. Because if there is one thing I as a fan am not feeling, it is appreciated.

  • David

    Minnesota has been a hockey state longer than a football state. The Vikings fans are shouting and cheering when the offense is lining up instead of being quiet and are quiet when the opponents offense is on the field. The fans need coaching on when to cheer and when to be quiet. Without knowing the fan base is helping the opponents.

  • Turris

    “The Minnesota Vikings have long been known as a losing franchise that can never win the big game”…. you must be a Packer fan. I’ll fix it for you: The Minnesota Vikings have long been known as a winning franchise that can never win THE big game. You write a story based on, what, one year of experience, and expect anyone to listen. All teams have good and bad seasons, but some teams are generally good and some are mostly bad. Here’s a little homework for you. Who has had more winning seasons, playoff berths and the better overall records? The Saints, Vikings, Seahawks, Bears? And by the way, while it would be nice to win a Superbowl, if that’s how you measure success, EVERY NFL team has a miserable record.

  • Mike

    Had to check the byline after reading. I was sure that Paul Allen wrote it for a minute.

  • Paul

    Ummm…have you actually attended a Vikings home game? When the team is in a close game, the fans are louder than any other stadium than maybe Seattle. And if you really think complaints from fans have anything to do with failures, I don’t think we can have a reasonable debate….it’s that absurd. Trust me, every, and I
    mean every fan base gets quiet at the stadium when their team is getting their asses kicked. Also, fan attendance has not been a problem at the dome. Yep, sure, it’s the fans’ fault when the vikes don’t win. Laughable

  • Gene

    Its very hard to support coaches who do not have enough brains to bench Ponder. Last year they demonstrated complete stupidity.

  • Anonymous

    We went to the game against Carolina with my family last year. It cost us a little over $200 for four people, and we can a really fun time.