Churchill Downs wants Wes Welker to pay back over $14,000

Credit: Ron Chenoy, USA TODAY Sports

Remember this scene?

Immediately following the Kentucky Derby, Wes Welker started making it rain hundreds on people. OK, he handed them out (how cool would that be?) with a friendly police officer standing nearby.

But, while Welker was being an awesome human being, paying random strangers, TMZ is now reporting Churchill Downs overpaid the Denver Broncos receiver by $14,858.


All told, Welker won 57,193.90 on May 3, and a computer error mixed with human error resulted in the even larger pay out to the NFL star. Luckily for him, eating $15,000 shouldn’t be a problem, what, with making $6 million per year.

Also, how do I attend next year’s Derby with Welker? Not only did he apparently pick the winner, but dude is crazy generous, too.

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