Rookie OT Justin Britt can manhandle Jadeveon Clowney


The Seattle Seahawks entered the draft with some obvious needs; Wide Receiver, Offensive Guard, Right Tackle, Defensive line, Secondary, and Linebacker depth. Pete Carroll and John Schneider came in and addressed every one of those positions and did it well. We came into the draft with one of the fewest number of picks in the league, but by trading down numerous times (which to anyone watching the draft hoping for picks to look up, was excruciating..) they accumulated enough picks to get what and who they wanted. But which of those picks should we be the most excited about?

In the second round the Seahawks made two selections. Paul Richardson, a WR out of Colorado, and Justin Britt, a Tackle out of Missouri. Paul Richardson is a speedy, home run, take the top off the defense kind of a wideout, but I’m more excited about Justin Britt. He was given Breno’s old number, and will be put at right tackle likely to take Breno’s place in the starting lineup.

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After they drafted him, the Seahawks put a video on their website showing some of Britt’s college highlights. If you watch that video, you will be very excited. It shows Britt going head to head with the number one overall pick in the draft, Jadeveon Clowney, four times. The first is a run right at Clowney. The ball is snapped and Britt manhandles Clowney and pushes him back about five yards and takes him totally out of the play.

In the second one it’s a quarterback run to the left, again, right at Clowney. Britt loops Clowney around behind the QB, never letting him get too close, and the QB has a nice big hole to run through.

The third play is within the 5 yard line and it’s a run, once again, to the left. Britt spends just enough time on Clowney to slow him down before he disengages and cuts off another defender leaving the left side wide open to the end zone for his RB.

The fourth one is a pass, and Britt initially gets beat. Clowney swims over Britt’s left shoulder and heads for the QB. But Britt recovers and gets back in front of Clowney, stopping him from getting the sack. The QB is under pressure, but Clowney never got within arm’s reach of him. The QB then scrambles out to the left for a gain of a few yards. There are other videos showing both up and downsides of Britt, but I think if he can handle his own against a freak like Clowney, then Cable can work wonders with him. I think this pick will make Russell Wilson a very happy man down the road.


In the fourth round the Seahawks had three picks, which they used on Cassius Marsh, DE out of UCLA, Kevin Norwood, WR out of Alabama, and Kevin Pierre-Louis, an OLB out of Boston College. Now, I love the Marsh and KPL picks. I’ve heard a scout compare KPL to Navarro Bowman. Yeah. Cassius Marsh is an animal on the field, and has the swagger to fit right in in the League’s best defense. But my favorite pick of the 4th round was Kevin Norwood.

The Seattle Seahawks have an impressive stable of wide receivers. Percy Harvin (when healthy) is an absolute nightmare to defend and is in a league of his own. Doug Baldwin is one of the most dependable WR’s in the League. Jermaine Kearse has arguably better run after the catch skills than the man he will likely replace, Golden Tate. But what the Seahawks did not have is a possession receiver. A big guy to go over the middle and catch high percentage passes or go up over top of defenders and fight for jump balls. Kevin Norwood is 6’2” tall and 198 lbs. That’s the big guy we’ve needed. He caught three more touchdowns than Amari Cooper, Alabama’s “top” receiver. Norwood is a beast, and I can’t wait to see Wilson and him dissecting defenses this season.

With the way PC/JS draft, we have reasons to be excited about all of the draft picks. I mean, the FB they took in the 7th round broke 26 facemasks in college while blocking. Damn. This is going to be another very fun season ladies and gentlemen. Go Hawks!

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