Tony Romo makes list of 10 NFL players who should have a reality show


Not long after Michael Sam was selected in the seventh round of the NFL Draft, a moment that was celebrated with “The Kiss,” rumors started to swirl (and eventually were confirmed) that the soon-to-be-rookie defensive end is currently filming a reality show (or “documentary”) about his quest to become the first openly gay player in professional football. The news sparked controversy, which is surely what the executives at OWN (Oprah Winfrey’s fledgling network) were hoping would happen.

It can be debated whether or not this is a good idea for Sam, given that it certainly breaks from his claim that he wants to concentrate solely on football. But one thing is undeniable: He’ll make an interesting subject.

The rookie isn’t the only NFL player who would make for must-see TV though. There are plenty of others who live fascinating enough lives that a peek inside would be hard to not watch.

To see the list of 10 NFL players who would be great on a reality TV show, click here.

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