Which of these rookies are you most excited for?


The draft gave the Ravens a pretty impressive crop of talent, and even though some feel they didn’t address all of their problems, you can’t deny the production that they’re bringing in.

There are players that profile to certain roles and project to fit nicely in the Ravens overall product. The Ravens may have found their ballhawking safety, slot wide receiver, future feature running back, staple inside linebacker and hulking defensive lineman.  So, whether or not they fully addressed all needs, the potential gains from this draft are undeniable.

The question now becomes, as a Ravens fan, who are you most excited to see suit up in purple and black?  There will surely be some surprises next season for the team, and some of the undrafted guys may ascend above the rest.  However, from this point looking into the future, who is going to be the biggest difference maker of the following six players?

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