Odd, bizarre lawsuit filed against Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles


Let me remind you that we live in a strange world.

In a Florida court this week, a handwritten restraining order was filed against the third overall selection in the 2014 NFL draft, Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback, Blake Bortles.

This, however, is not your normal restraining order filing. It appears as if this is an attempt to prevent Bortles from playing not only for the Jaguars, but in the National Football League altogether.

The plantiffs? David Rothrock and Theodore Bridgewater.

The allegations? Bortles is under the influence of steroids and also HIV positive.

The restraining order was filed from a Pennsylvania prison by Rothrock and lists Bridgewater as the co-plantiff with a P.O. Box address in Louisville, Kentucky. I hardly doubt this is Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater…. then again, you never know, anyone can file a lawsuit for just about anything.

Those aren’t the only allegations.

Not only is Bortles accused of taking steroids and human growth hormones, but the note alleges that he has been involved in some criminal mischief for which he supposedly framed Rothrock. The plantiff in this case has chosen to represent himself “pro se”, meaning he will be advocating on his own behalf.

What’s more interesting, is that in the Pennsylvania State Police database, there is a David Rothrock, who has been incarcerated since March 25, 2013 at the address listed on the restraining order. This matches the allegation in the motion filed that “Bortles is going to frame Rothrock for rape, and he did, now Rothrock is serving an illegally 8-20 years,” but there’s no way to tell if there’s any truth to all of this.

If you’d like to read the handwritten note for yourself, you can find it here.

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  • nfl_fan


  • Niles Standish

    Just remember kids this is the sort of thing that can happen when the road forks,One goes towards education and success and the other leads you to having a whole lot of time on your hands to file lawsuits and be general pain in the ass,Bortles could counter but what would he get aside from just a reprieve from a jackass for now!Get that education kids because somewhere theres a cell being cleaned out and awaiting the next gangster!

  • town crier

    Wow, be sure to check out the linked filing; it’s a doozy. My impressions? The handwriting strongly suggests megalomania, which the text eventually seems to confirm. Also, this guy has quite clearly never accepted responsibility for anything in his life. Classic malignant narcissist. Danger, danger, Will Robinson! Back away from the foaming chimpanzee, else he might pull your arms from their sockets.

    • town crier

      Correction: not megalomania, but grandiosity.

  • Big D

    The filing looks like it was written by a young lady. Note the circles for dotted “i”‘s. This with the mistakes in grammar clearly bear scrutiny. Clearly there is no general way to prove anything is accurate without a full blown investigation. Why would the FBI be questioning Rothrock about this before the filing. This would have been an NCAA issue. And how would Bridgewater know this is when Rothrock is in a PA prison and Bridgewater lives in Louisville, KY?