Weekly Rewind: Red flags abundant in Tennessee, meet the new guys and Bishop Sankey


In case you missed it: Columns from the cover32 universe to catch up on anything and everything from the Tennessee Titans this week along with national featured columns you may enjoy.

Tennessee Titans

– Under Review: Breaking down the Tennessee Titans’ first-round pick (READ)

– Taylor Lewan’s “nasty streak” a non-issue for Titans (READ)

– Bishop Sankey early candidate for Rookie of the Year (READ)

– By the numbers: Rookies follow in the footsteps of Titans legends (READ)

– Tennessee Titans’ Zach Mettenberger talk of NFL Draft weekend (READ)

– Shonn Greene might not make roster, Bishop Sankey to become Titans’ feature back? (READ)

– Tennessee Titans prove NFL remains a “what have you done for me now” league (READ)

– Welcome to Nashville: Meet the new Titans (READ)

– Bishop Sankey listed “plug-and-play starter” for Tennessee Titans (READ)

– Video: Would you prefer Jake Locker, Derek Carr or Zach Mettenberger? (READ)

– Tennessee Titans wanted Derek Carr in round two (READ)

– Tennessee Titans take Zach Mettenberger in sixth round, Twitter explodes (READ)

– Tweets of interest on Tennessee’s selection in Round 5 (READ)

– Taylor Lewan vs. Jadeveon Clowney: Film breakdown (READ)

– Tweets of interest following Tennessee Titans defensive fourth round (READ)


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