Dolphins appear very interested in the WR position this offseason


Early last week reports of the Dolphins having interest in Texans WR Andre Johnson surfaced. These rumors seemed hard to believe, but more rumors of the Dolphins looking into adding a wide receiver had been swirling around as well.

The rumors seem somewhat odd, considering the Dolphins had a chance to draft Brandon Cooks, wide receiver from Oregon State in the draft 2 weeks ago. They instead chose Ju’Waun James from Tennessee. The correct pick, the best pick, at that time was James, so don’t mistake this for a campaign saying the Dolphins should have picked Cooks.

Cooks has the ability to be a very good player in the NFL, but the Dolphins biggest need is not wide receiver.

That being said, the rumors of them wanting to add a wide receiver strike me as odd, considering they passed on what might have been the best offensive player available when they picked. I don’t think the Dolphins need to add another wide receiver, and trading a pick for Andre Johnson would be a mistake.

The Dolphins struggled mightily on offensive at times in 2013, and have been outside the top 10 on total offense for 17 straight years now. Mike Wallace underachieved for most, and Ryan Tannehill had very few reliable options as the season went on.

Miami added a solid pass catcher in Jarvis Landry, and added a big target in Arthur Lynch, Tight End from Georgia who should replace Michael Egnew on the depth chart. The Dolphins did a nice job of addressing their needs throughout the draft, and pass catching was one of those needs.

The idea of 2014, thus far, is to protect Ryan Tannehill, and put him in a better position to win. So far they’ve done just that, adding likely 4 new starters along the offensive line. The have added some offensive weapons, and the weapons they had in 2013, like Charles Clay, will continue to develop as we head into 2014.

The Dolphins should not be in talks to add a wide receiver. They have bigger problems to fix. Would it be nice to add a huge target like Andre Johnson? Yes. Is it worth giving up a pick or signing him for big money? Absolutely not. The Dolphins brass should be focusing on building their offensive line for their developing quarterback, and developing the roster they currently have.

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  • Stodds

    I would t say Mike Wallace under achieved. I would say Ryan Tannehill UnderTHREW Wallace a ridiculous amount of times last year. They left between 8-12 TD’s off the board last year because RT couldn’t reach Wallace.

    • FinsFan

      You’re absolutely right about RT’s under throwing last season. He also has a tendency to stay in the pocket rather than throw any big plays. He also needs to run the ball when there’s an opening, instead of just standing there looking to connect with a receiver.

  • BOB

    No don’t trade a third or forth round pick for a proven great player like Andre Johnson…..with that pick we might get a diamond in the rough like Joe Yablonski…..reserve guard from West Towson State !!! IDIOT !!

    • Anonymous

      Lol you got that right

  • john

    i do believe if RT can increase his arm strength and accuracy the team would have been in contention last year. RT is always going to be questionable without it. Just too many passes not hitting there mark. Atleast 3 more wins with it…..