Colts nearly signed a man as big as a building


If you watch Game of Thrones then you know who “The Mountain” is.

Now, picture him in a Colts uniform. Dear god, imagine that man running full speed at you. If that does not make you want to wet your drawers then you sir are not scared of anything.

Hafthor Bjornsson is his real name, and he is from Iceland and is 6’9″ and 419 pounds. You want to protect Andrew Luck? Stick a damn building in front of him!

Credit Bleacher Report’s Dan Carson for coming with this story. CLICK HERE to read it, with the picture to go with it. He makes even Arnold Schwarzenegger look like a child!

Apparently Jim Irsay tried to sign him last offseason, but knee injuries have stopped him from playing contact sports. He was a former basketball player before having knee problems, and from the looks of it could be the ideal left tackle the Colts have been looking for since Tarik Glenn retired.

House Irsay lost out, but fans of Game of Thrones won on this one, as the dragons start to approach from Mountain Clowney in the south.

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