How Snoop Dogg now has ties with the Indianapolis Colts


This is something you have never heard before: Snoop Dogg now has a connection with the Indianapolis Colts.

Let that sink in real quick, as you try to figure out how in the world this came about.

Back in 2005 Snoop set up his own youth football league, and this year three of his former players are part of the rookie class. And guess what? The Colts have signed one.

Kam Jackson, CB from Cal signed an undrafted free agent contract with the Colts.

There might be a new celebrity spotted at Lucas Oil come September if Jackson can make the roster.

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  • Dave

    Snoop knows a good player when he see one. I hope Kam shows his talent on the field, and Snoop has the chance to watch him in the best stadium in the league!!…