Justin Tuck wants you to tell him what he can do better


Ever since the Oakland Raiders signed Justin Tuck, one of the things I have noticed the most is how he interacts with his fans and the public in general as well as how he interacts with other players. Almost immediately after being signed by the Raiders, Tuck took to twitter and messaged other free agents about why they should join the Raiders. In addition, when our own Amy Contizano contacted his agent to find out how he felt about the love being shown by Raider Nation he was kind enough to provide a statement for cover32.

New York Giants fans probably already knew about this side of Tuck after spending his career playing for the G-Men. In fact, when he decided to sign with the Raiders, he showed a tremendous amount of class by taking out an ad in the newspaper to thank fans for all of the support they showed him during his time there.

So it should be no surprise that Tuck took to Twitter last night to ask his followers two questions. Why they follow him and how he can make the experience better for them.

For Raiders fans, some of the most die hard fans in all of sports, having a star on the team who acknowledges how great the fan base is and who actually wants to hear from the fan base is great. Raiders fans deserve this kind of player and I for one could not be happier about him being on the team.

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    Unleashed the beast inside u”!

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  • Allen Wingate

    Tarver and DA might make some bad D calls late in the game, so go on your own experience, lead and coach that team to victory (which is something you know WAY more about). Evaluate the Oline, tell your guys their weaknesses and tell them exactly what to expect. You’re expected to do a lot, but take it one step at a time, but leave no stone unturned and try not to get caught up on just one thing. You got this JT, the nation believes in you. Just do me and this nation one HUGE favor, kick Tom Brady’s a$$, please! RRRAAAIIIDERRRS!!!!