Mathis’ agent speaks out on suspension


Earlier today, Hadley Engelhard told Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio that the NFL is misleading the public about their statements on the suspension of All Pro linebacker Robert Mathis. Wierd, another player or agent is unhappy with the league and how the handle specific situations, enter 100 different examples here.

“Saturday they released a statement, which the NFL never does. And even in their statement they’re misleading the public in things that they said, It’s not FDA-approved for fertility in males, and it’s a performance-enhancing drug prohibited by the league.’ First of all, there’s many drugs that are not FDA-approved for certain things and are used for other things. And the doctor in direct cross-examination even talked about that. He’s been using this as a fertility drug for 20-plus years.”

The banter between the league and people in the Mathis corner continues on, as both sides try to get their truth out. It is clear that Mathis took a banned substance, but his reasons are just according to him and the people in his corner, as they say it was to help his wife and himself conceive another child.

Engelhard agrees that Mathis should have checked with the NFL and himself before taking the substance, but that is all behind us now. Now the media and fans will try to find out the truth behind the suspension and to see if Mathis took Clomid for the reasons he stated.

Mathis and his agent are both furious that the league publicly announced the suspension the way the did, and his agent took another shot at the league by saying ” “If they would have said, ‘Hey Robert, here’s a four-game fine,’ which is a lot of money, Robert would have accepted that. He just felt that the league did not take his case as a case-by-case. They looked at it and said, ‘Hey, you failed the drug test, end of story, no ifs ands or buts.”

Look, the league was not going to hand out a fine hear for a banned substance, even if Mathis is a first time offender.

So for now we just wait, the league have basically just stated ” If Mathis just would have reached out to us before he took the substance”, and has yet to provide anymore details into the story.

This is not over by a long shot, and should become more intriguing after each side takes a shot publicly at the other.

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  • Anonymous

    This is absolutely ridiculous! Mathis is about as honest as the day is long. The NFL did not look into this case very well and treated him extremely unfair! I can understand a fine, but a four game suspension is above and beyond what he deserves!