Quotable Monday: Greg Robinson’s (lack of) pass-blocking experience


Today we’re unveiling a new feature we’ll be doing every Monday called “Quotable Monday.” Basically, we just take a recent soundbite uttered by someone in the St. Louis Rams organization and provide some quick-hitting analysis.

New Rams offensive tackle Greg Robinson, drafted no. 2 overall in last week’s draft by the Rams, is responsible for today’s quote, which comes from Nick Wagoner’s recent piece about how the rookie fits into the Rams’ plans.

Buried in the piece is the following quote, referring to his lack of pass-blocking experience:

“I control that ceiling,” Robinson said. “So, it’s just how much I want to learn. It’s just as far as going into it with a positive attitude and trusting the coaches. I believe [offensive line] coach Paul Boudreau has a great plan for the O-Line. I’ve met with a few guys. Today, they were doing a few drills and they were interacting and trying to help me understand it a little better.”

I’m on record saying Boudreau is one of the best offensive line coaches in the NFL, an opinion that’s shared by many in Rams nation. I’m sure he’ll be working with Robinson as often as possible to help him learn the nuances of pass blocking.

Still, I find it just a tad concerning that Robinson, who will likely start the season at left guard if Jake Long returns healthy in time, is practically admitting that he’s a raw pass-blocker. Of course, his college tape already said as much – and to be fair, he was the best run-blocker in all of college football by a wide margin according to many scouts. But I remember another no. 2 overall pick not too long ago who was supposed to be the Rams’ left tackle of the future. He was raw in a few areas as well and thus started his Rams career at a different position along the line (right tackle). To my knowledge, he never took a single snap for the Rams at left tackle before being traded away.

That player, Jason Smith, selected in 2009, no longer plays in the NFL.

Sorry to bring up that nasty memory. It’s certainly not fair to Robinson, who very well could be a Pro Bowl player for years to come. I just cringed a little and had a Jason Smith nightmare flashback when I read that quote.

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