Quotable Monday: Zach Mettenberger was the No. 2 quarterback in the draft


Every Monday, we find a quote about the team and convey how we perceive it.

“I’m really high on Zach (Mettenberger),” ESPN’s Ron Jaworski said. “I went through film of about 14 quarterbacks pretty intently before the draft, and I had him at No. 2 because I thought he had a skill set that translated very well to the NFL. There’s a way I think that you play the game for consistency at the NFL level, and that’s how Zach plays the game. …

“You have to play the game from the pocket, deliver from the pocket, read from the pocket, and get the ball in the hands of your playmakers. That’s what Mettenberger did.”

Red flags aside, Mettenberger has the skill set to develop into a solid gunslinger. There’s no question he’s talented, but it’s interesting to see Jaworski throw this nugget out there after seeing the quarterback fall so far.

Regardless of where you put Mettenberger’s talent level, there’s a reason he dropped to the sixth round. Recovering from a torn ACL, off-the-field issues and a diluted urine sample at the draft combine will surely do that.

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