Top 10 in 2014: The best quarterbacks in the NFL today

Credit: Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports

Typically speaking, sports fans tend to worry about two things – the past and the future. They’ll debate who was the greatest player of all-time, while also spending hours discussing whether or not a rookie is going to be develop into an All-Pro.

Both are fun exercises, things that keep fans engaged and the beer flowing at the local tavern. But they miss out on what is most important – the present.


Forget about yesterday. Never mind tomorrow. Let’s talk about today.

Who are the best players in the NFL right now? Who can help a team win the Super Bowl this season? Who is writing a legacy with each passing week?

Those are the questions the editors at cover32 seek to answer in this series, “Top 10 in 2014.” In the coming weeks, every positions – as well as head coach, general manager and other off-field areas – will be graded, evaluated and ranked.

The series kicks off with the most-important position in football – quarterback.

Let the debate begin!


10. Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben is defined by winning

Stats have never defined Big Ben. He’s only thrown for more than 30 touchdowns in a season on one occasion, while eclipsing the 4,000-yard mark three times. Both are fairly pedestrian benchmarks in today’s NFL. But Roethlisberger isn’t about numbers. He’s about making plays, especially in key situations. And few quarterbacks are better at those moments than the Steelers QB. In a big game, down by four with two minutes to play, Big Ben is great to have under center.

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9. Philip Rivers

Rivers has the swagger of a great QB

The thing that makes some people despise the Chargers quarterback is exactly what makes him so good – his moxie. Rivers has a swagger about him that is crucial to finding success has a signal caller. He isn’t fazed by any situation or opposing player, the rare breed who seems to elevate his game when things get tense. And now that he has Mike McCoy as his head coach, who helped Rivers right the ship again in 2013 with a rebound season, one of the NFL’s best gunslingers is back at the top of his game.

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  • Ben M.

    Sorry, I can’t buy into Kap. Guy does not deserve to be in the top-ten. The article states that QBs get too much credit when they win and this guy is a great example of that. The 49ers have a dominant defense and run game. They could have held onto Alex Smith and done just as well if not better. Though I’m a Saints fan and cringe saying it, Matt Ryan deserves a spot over Cam and Kaep (neither of who should be in the Top Ten). The Falcons fell apart and somehow Ryan still had a pretty good season. Let’s see what Cam or Kaep would do if their O-line deteriorated into a similar state for a season (hint: infinitely worse).

    • Ben M.

      Wow typos. Should of proofread. Apologies.

      • Tye

        Wow, typos. Should “HAVE” proof-read. Apologies. Just messing with ya. I agree though. Let’s also not forget Philip Rivers, who, among all the above stated QBs, probably had the worst supporting cast. But your above statement is exactly why I, as a 12, do not believe Russell Wilson deserves to be in the top 10 either. Power run game and a dominating D. Lastly, don’t count out Nick Foles… His numbers speak for themselves.

        • DanDad

          Yes, a 32 game starter (in his first two seasons) with awesome numbers and a SuperBowl win doesn’t deserve top 10. You need help, buddy.

          • GIMME A BREAK


          • BIG FARCE

            Yeah, most NFL QBs would have won the SB with the defense that the Seahawks threw at the Broncos. But you need to adjust your goggles if you think that the Seahawks running game was carrying the Seahawks in the SB. Marshawn Lynch ran the ball 15 times for 39 yards (2.6 YPC). Lynch had a long of 18 yards. Take out that one play and Lynch ran 14 times for 21 yards (1.5 YPC). Robert Turbin ran 9 times for 25 yards (2.8 YPC).

            Of course, the Seahawks did have something of a running game going. Wilson carried 3 times for 26 yards (8.7 YPC). They also gave the ball to Harvin on two fly sweeps which gained 45 yards. So, I guess you want to claim that the Seahawks had an effective running game going based on 5 plays, with three of them scrambles by Wilson? GIMME A BREAK!!!

            BTW, you don’t suppose that Wilson’s 123.1 passer rating in the SB really put Denver in a hole, do you? You don’t suppose that Wilson’s passing game that converted one third down after another in the first half did anything to put pressure on the Denver offense and allowed the Seahawks defense to play loose, do you? Wilson was simply brilliant in the SB. Few QBs could have played any better!

      • Rob73146

        Should HAVE proofread.

        • Ben M.

          Oh Jesus. Stop correcting typos on a comment thread. Who really gives a shit? Is it that essential? Maybe try focusing on ideas over silly typos. I’m not submitting a dissertation here. It’s a football website. Nothing more.

    • jwred57

      CK is barely a good game manager
      CK 12 out of 19 games under 200 yards and 10 out of 19 under 60%
      He’s also proven that he is incapable of making those around him better.

    • jj

      The split on Romo in these comments surprises me, but not as surprising as seeing him selected in the top ten, yes he has good stats, but so does AROD and I wouldn’t pick him for my BB team either, I’m a Yankees fan and couldn’t stand the sight of him at third, but back to Romo, great stats, gets them close most years, but NEVER EVER over the top, whats he done, won 1 or 2 playoff games total….unless you count like Wade Phillips the year they got the bye week, he counted that as a win even though they lost the next game….Romo may have good stats but he finds a way to lose a game….not win one….

      • John Brannen

        I agree with you on Romo. He is not a top 10 Quarterback and never will be. Way overpaid and Jones is s sucker for doing so. Top 10 missed it on several levels. Not a good report of capability.

        • Joel

          You sir are an idiot

      • Mirage22

        The only reason you are surprised is because you buy into the Romo narrative on ESPN. Most smart Cowboy fans like Romo and know where the team would be without him. He had the worst defense in football and won 8 games. He’s had one of the worst front offices who ignored an offensive lines for years and still kept the team competitive. But more than anything he put up 46 on the Broncos, 26 in a half against the Packers and 24 in a half against the Lions, the team lost those games and it’s his fault. Hate the Cowboys all you want but it’s not on Romo.

        • JT

          The term “smart Cowboy fans” is an oxymoron.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you!!!!!

    • Kevin

      Buhahahahahaha! Cam Newton has been operating with a horrible line like that since he’s been in the league. He’s also had one of the worst WR cores. They went through 5 different Guards last year……. They even had Defensive linemen playing on the O-Line at once because they ran out of Offensive linemen.

      • Anonymous

        Atleast Mark Sanchez isn’t on this list .

    • Anna M.

      I agree!

    • larry h

      Actually Newton has had just one bad year and was on a pathetic team in his rookie year when he set a record for passing.. my favorite team is also the Saints but didnt Newton lead his team to a better record than Brers in 2012 añd that was coming off a good season and good team the previous year wheread they were building a bad team around Newton

    • jabby760

      Im tired of Peyton. Fuk him

      • Anonymous


    • concretejimmy

      Isn’t that the guy who lost to a QB in the SB that went to the playoffs his 1st six seasons. Joe Flacco will be in the playoffs and the Steelers won’t. This guy is an idiot.

    • howard

      what a joke 6 of these ob don’teven have a super bowl ring like flacco

    • Jaydon R.

      This list is horrible! No Russell Wilson in the top ten and you have Tony Romo in there as well? Just stupid.

    • Anonymous

      Cam had not one wide receiver last year – Steve Smith’s skills were diminished and Tedd Ginn couldn’t make it as the third or fourth receiver on many teams – whereas Matt Ryan had a hall of fame tight end in Gonzalez, an all-pro wide out in Roddy White, and although injured last year, has an all-pro wide out in Julio Jones, yet Ryan has a hard time putting up 30 touchdowns…your assertion that he deserves a spot over Wilson or Newton is ridiculous.

    • dave

      I agree.. to be honest top 10 isn’t a gr8 accomplishment considering the last 5 change every year.. All I can say is look at, kaeps, cams, lucks, rg3s, rivers, Ben roeth, and then look at nick foles.. for once philly has a qb, a star who is a good guy, not a loud mouth choke artist.. much love foles

    • Big Boss Mcgee

      What has kap done that Russell hasn’t? I look at his rank and big Ben and struggle to see how both made it over wilson

  • Anthony

    I agree with the above comment of Ben M., but if their going to list guy’s like Newton and Kaepernick, Wilson should be on the list before either one of them IMO.

    • D Hawk

      Exactly. Wilson runs a run-first offense with great precision a d can make that big play almost at will. One QB made a big throw to take the lead in the NFC Championship game and one didn’t. Wilson has better stats, can read a defense and is clutch.

      • Hawk fan

        Even with a super bowl win the Hawks get no respect. Big surprise. I agree that Manning is a precise thrower. He threw precisely to our defenders in the super bowl. LOL

        • Big Coney

          Wilson is a top five quarterback that easily surpasses Colin K. Romo chokes when it counts the most. Big Ben’s best days are behind him. Dalton is a better replacement or Flacco Brady and Peyton’s best days are behind them as well. Elim Manning is far better than Romo.

        • mak

          laugh now but in week 3 his season the Broncos are going up to Seattle and beating them senseless. 42 to 10

        • JRMD

          Manning is a HOF’r and one of the all time greats. Having said that, his arm strength is completely gone. His wobbly ducks that he threw in the SB to Bronco’s defenders was actually painful to watch. It’stough to put a guy like that in the top 10 at this point although I realize he had insane stats during the season last year and get’s on these list’s for his reputation and previous body of work. I do think we will see a profound decline in his ability this year. I think he is nearing the end:(

          • SeeWhite

            Manning had the best regular season of any quarterback in NFL history! You don’t just fall into oblivion from that height. You may not like that he gets there with his brain and not his brawn, but the fact remains that he is the best (at least in regular season) at the position…probably the best that ever was. It’s reasonable to expect him to fall off a little a little next season, but he’ll still be top 3 or 4, no question. Plus, reports say that his arm looks stronger this year so far.

          • BlueTalon

            @SeeWhite — you said Manning had the best regular season of any QB in NFL history (true) and you don’t just fall into oblivion from that height. Isn’t that exactly what happened in February?

    • Erock

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • T Lang

      If they’re

  • Me

    I feel like this list is based too much on just last season. Obviously none of us are going to agree exactly on this list, but here’s what caught my eye.

    Big Ben should be higher. He’s a two time Super Bowl winner, played behind a bad line the majority of his career, best at improvising in the league and is arguably the toughest QB in the league. He’s made guys like Santonio Holmes and Antonio Brown look much better than they are (see Holmes and Wallace after they left Pitt). I say he should be 5 or 6. He’s not up there with the big four, but pretty close.

    Rivers seems about right, maybe a tad low. He had bad coaching for years under Norv, then McCoy came in and he showed he still had it. Been a good playoff QB his whole career, the reason he doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring is Nate Kaeding.

    I think I’d put Newton about 10. He’s really good and never had great receivers. Only has had Greg Olsen and Steve Smith on the downside of his career.

    I wouldn’t put Kaepernick in the top 10. The dude looked lost without Davis and Crabtree this year. He’s right outside it though.

    Romo deserves to be top 10, and I’m not a Cowboys fan. Few people realize he had winning records all but one year before Jason Garrett arrived (the year he broke his collarbone), only missed the playoffs twice before Garrett arrived (had a 9-7 record one year and the year he broke his collarbone was the other). He’s great at improvising and has an underrated arm.

    Andrew Luck is somewhere between 5-7. He still makes a lot of mistakes. But he’ll be #1 in three years max. That guy has all kinds of talent.

    I’d put Rodgers at the top because he shows the most ability to make plays with his legs, and rarely makes mistakes throwing the ball. His downsides are his concussions and the fact his only SB win was with a top 5 defense. But the same can be said of Brady, who might be #2. The guy just wins, no matter what. Brees can be argued for 2 or 3, the downsides are that he isn’t great on the road, but his playoff numbers overall since joining the Saints are ridiculous. It wasn’t his fault his defenses stunk something fierce. I’d put Peyton fourth, because he just doesn’t get it done in the playoffs and while his regular season mastery continues to be evident, he had great targets in Denver this season. I’ll be honest, it’s kinda splitting hairs between those four, but those are my thoughts on the matter.

    Matt Ryan deserves to be in the top 10. He took over an absolute dumpster fire of a team, and has had a winning record every year with them except for this season, where the amount of injuries was just impossible to overcome.

    • Anonymous


      • Chuck


      • Quinton Clapper

        2-1 is Big Ben in Super Bowls. He won Super Bowl 40 & 43 and lost Super Bowl 45 to, and you did your homework here, Green Bay. But he has, in fact, won 2 Super Bowls believe it or not.

        • Anonymous

          Superbowl 40 was won by the guys in stripes not Big Ben.

          • Seahawk Steve

            Yes, The stripes beat the Seahawks that day! Not the Steelers

          • JT

            Wah! Wah! Wah! Where’s your paci. 12 is only the 2nd biggest group of whining babies (next to the Patriot fans). Of course they’ll whine over not being #1 in this category too.

      • Mania16

        Hey Anonymous, you aren’t a student of history huh? Ben has been to three Super Bowls and won-two 40 and 43. He lost in 45 to Green Bay. Brush up on history before making comments you are unsure of.

        • Two Sheds

          I would guess anonymous isn’t counting SB 40. Roethlisberger was 9-21 for 123 yards 0 TDS and 2 interceptions. I would hardly call that ‘winning’ the SB. In fact the two SBs Roethlisberger won the Steelers had the the #1 rated defense in points and yards both seasons. Further they were against one of the worst defenses in recent SBs and a barely average one. As the article says QBs get to much credit when a team wins.

          • Powers

            Sheds, stop bringing intelligent argument to an emot-fest. who wants facts and stats when emotions make people FEEL so much better. Without emotions we wouldn’t have loser wagers to divy up after game days.

          • D Hawk

            Talk about not being a student of the game…Seattle had a good defense. They did a better job against the Steeler O than the Steeler D did against Seattle’s O.

          • Anonymous

            Who cares what his stats were in Superbowl 40, the fact is he led the team all the way to the Superbowl and the team one! There is no “I” in team. 2-1 in Suberbowls and is ranked behind Romo??? Are you kidding me? I am a life long Cowboy fan and you still have give credit where credit is due and Romo surely does not deserve top ten status! Take us to the big dance at least one time and then lets talk about it, but please. Vick took crappy teams farther in the playoffs then Romo has taken better Cowboy teams, its his poor decision making when big games are on the line and that my friend is where you seperate the Mannings, the Brady’s, the Rodger’s from Romo! What Jerry Jones needs to do is call the FBI and tell them that he was extorted because Romo has poloroids of doing the nasty with his prized cattle in the south 40’s! Either that or he was ruffied by Romo to get that huge unwarranted and undeserved pay raise he got!!

        • steelerfan rene

          I agree, Mania16…Anonymous don’t know his football…Big Ben may not have great stats or may not have been MVP in these Super Bowls, but he sure in hell got his team there!!!

      • der

        you’re stupid.

        • Me

          Thank you for that ad hominem, proving you have absolutely nothing of any intelligence or substance to say.

        • Me

          My bad I thought that was directed at me

      • T Lang

        Excuse me? You have the nerve to “Shout” your response, yet don’t know the right facts! Typical arrogant know it all know nothing.

        • Me

          Shout? Where in that did I shout? What did I say that was incorrect? I’ll wait.

        • Me

          My bad I thought that was directed at me



      • bkd

        do your homework pal ben beat seattle in 1 superbowl and the cardinals his second one

    • Anonymous


  • rich

    What about the qb with the highest rating of all last year. Nick Foles is Def top ten.

    • willie

      First of all Nick Foles has only played 1 season in the NFL, so at this moment, based on 1 season, he shouldn’t even be mentioned. He needs to play and produce at least 2-3 seasons to be a candidate. As for why most of you pundits scream whenever, Cam, Colin, Russell Wilson or RG3 is ever mentioned in one of these poles, it points to only one thing, they are all minority QB’s who are athletic and you guys don’t want to give them any praise for their abilities. It seems bigoted to me, as if you are so afraid that they will change the perception of how YOU guys want the QB position to be played. I say there is always more than one way to win a game or championship. I know, “how many have won a Superbowl”…well tell me how many have ever played on a teams with a top supporting cast to help them win a Superbowl. Most of those QB’s always seem to play on inferior teams where they can’t “just be a drop back QB” because they are always running for their lives or they don’t have a complete team around them, so they have to use their athletic ability just to try and make their teams competitive. So stop being so harsh and unwilling to give them their due. At some point an Athletic QB (Russell Wilson) will win a Superbowl more than one time and Cam Newton, Colin, and RG3 are right I line to do so. just give them some time!!

      • Anonymous

        Willie your a dumbass cams good Colin’s not Wilson’s OK but all have good defenses & rg3 is a bitch

      • al

        Hey Willie the NFL is a pocket league and always will be. They have been shoving the Michael Vick’s of the world down the fans throats for sometime now. They have had little success. The best black quarterback I can remember was Warren Moon and he was a pocket quarterback. Athleticism is less important at the quarterback position. You have to have something upstairs too! Remember Young? He was a white, athletic quarterback who could run. He was successful though because he still thought pass first, not run. Russell Wilson will be nothing more than a one hit wonder. And these other blacks you mentioned will be lucky to stay around very long considering the physical nature of the game. That’s what your tailbacks for Willie!

        • DanDad

          One hit wonder? lol lol lol lol Yeah, like the beatles were in the 60’s?

          • JT

            Funny, not a peep out of Seahawk fans for how long? And now they seem to think they have the greatest team in history.

        • JRMD

          Doug Williams was pretty good……Randall Cunningham was as well.;) “These other blacks” is a racist statement and you sound like someone who still operates in the 1950’s. Race has nothing to do with playing QB in the NFL. That’s like saying white players can’t play point guard in the NBA. Stop generalizing and making ignorant statements. Wilson is a much better QB than Kapperdick is, I do know that. he’s smarter, just as elusive, and a heck of a lot more consistent. I would guess he will have much more success in the NFL than Kap will. Wilson is also less of an “attitude” in the locker room and off the field.

      • JT

        Cam has 64 TDs, 42 INTs, 86 rating and has an 0-1 playoff record in 3 years, hardly top 10 material. Kap looks better but again, 23 games started which is less than 1 1/2 seasons. RG3 backslid last year from his rookie stats and shouldn’t be close to 10 on this list. Wilson is probably the only one that have any potential on the list but I don’t think any of them should be here until they have 3 seasons as a starter. If anyone is missing, it’s Matt Ryan, who’s had a solid carrer. There’s plenty of QBs in history that looked good for a few years and then failed. AND STOP using the racial crap, it’s getting old. The problem is that people are so enamored with these running QBs that they think they’re the greatest thing in the world until they fail (like Vick) and then move on to the next. Are they exciting to watch? Yes! Does that make them top 10 material? No, not until they have more time in the league and prove consistancy, a few seasons with a defensive powerhouse is hardly proving that.

        • Jamster62

          @JT “RG3 backslid last year from his rookie stats and shouldn’t be close to 10 on this list.” That RG3 year-to-year comparison is unfair. The guy was recovering from a major injury and was nowhere close to 100% (He should not even have been playing until the 5th or 6th game at the earliest.) Let’s see how he performs this upcoming season before passing judgment.

  • PANTTERA’s Produce

    8th in that group.8 Championships in that list. All 5 of those SB QB winners had complete teams with them. Ryan has had 60% of a total team at the peak of 5 winning seasons.

  • giancarlo

    Can’t really argue with the list.

    • jeff

      except the list as you call it is obviously done by people who dont watch football.if they did wilson would have been on it !!!!!

  • TFear

    No way Romo, Rivers, Rothlisberger and Kapernick are better than Russell Wilson. At least you didn’t put Joe freaking Flacco (the most overpaid athlete in the world) on the list.

    • Anonymous

      who won super bowl 47

      • Jo

        We know it wasn’t Rivers, Romo Or Kapernick.

    • Sylvia

      I’m a ravens fan and you know how much we hate the Steelers but there is no way you can rate Big Ben lower than Colin, Rivers, Luck or any of the guys who only played 1 year. Anybody can have 1 good year but how do they hold up over time. Big Ben has proven year after year how good he is. Even those of you who don’t like Joe should stop and remember he’s been at the playoffs every year but this one and we had too many injuries to count, no running game, no o-line and yet he still almost made it to the playoffs and we still didn’t have a losing season. Joe is a much better qb than people give him credit for. The Ravens have never been a team of individual stats but match our team winning stats against any team and see how we match up. Joe is the first and only qb to do what he has done in 6 years. PM, TB, DB, AR and Big Ben have all proven to be great qbs over time and whether you like it or not, Joe has posted a better playoff record than all of them. He may not be the best but his name deserves to be mentioned before these 1 and 2 year wonders.

  • Glubber

    I can see the QBs that did help win a superbowl. But some of these guys on there and NO Russell Wilson? WHAT????

  • Cuz I Say So

    Enough with the Russel Wilson crap. Almost anyone could’ve won with that “D” in Seattle. Rothlisberger should be higher and Manning should be lower. Where at exactly is debatable. Kaepernick and Wilson don’t belong on this list for the simple fact that both are carried by their defenses and have hardly had to win it all or come from behind. Kaep nearly lost it all at Lambeau last year if not for the dropped interception. Let’s see them win games with mediocre defenses racking up points against their team then we’ll talk about their position on this chart.

    • You say stupid things

      Total Defense Steelers
      #1 overall defense 2004, 2007, 2008(won SB), 2011, 2012
      Top 5 over all defense 2005(won SB), 2009, 2010
      Top 10 overall defense 2006

      Oh hey look Rothlisberger won a Superbowl with a #1 and top 5 overall defense….SO overrated and he only has 2 Superbowl when he’s had a top 5 defense 8 out of the 10 years in his career….wow sad.

      2005 – 168/268 for 2385 yards 17 TD – 9 INTs
      2008 – 281/469 for 3301 yards 17 TD – 15 INTs

      Rothlisberger is as overrated as Eli Manning for winning 2 SBs. Rothlisberger is carried by his defense and hardly carries his team when he averages only 22 TDs-12INTs a year. Let see HIM win games with a mediocre defense. Where is that debatable you tell me?

      • SCOTT

        Big Ben has probably been behind some of the worse o.lines of alltime. Find me some stats on that.

        • Scotty Doesn’t Know

          Actually why don’t YOU prove that one. It’s your burden and until then you are just an apologist making excuses.

          • scott

   excuses here.. there is maybe one maybe 2 (Rodgers and Peyton…that I would rather have leading the Steelers offense.

      • UM68

        “Rothlisberger is as overrated as Eli Manning for winning 2 SBs.” Difference is, Ben was TERRIBLE in those SB wins and Eli was MVP both times.

      • downtowndonni

        You put forth your opinion obviously without knowledge. The Steelers O-line has been decimated year after year and still they move on toward the playoffs year after year. Speaking of defense, I have never seen a team with a “bad” defense go to a SB. Sometimes the offenses just have their day or an injury allows a mismatch in the defensive backfield. You can trash talk on Big Ben all you want but I would bet there are a few guys on that list that could not play a big game or stay in any game with the injuries he has had. Face it, he is a winner, not always pretty, but a winner. Stuff your stats Eli lover, what were his stats for his SB wins and he still deserved the MVP cause nobody else stood out! Ben doesn’t care about stats, just win baby!

      • jason

        It astounds me that anyone can call a QB who has been to 3 Super Bowls overrated. Okay, a QB making it to 1 Super Bowl, maybe the stars aligned just at the right time. Three times isn’t an accident. If you watch Steelers games, you’d see he’s not carried by the defense.

        • Forecast

          @downtowndonni plenty of bad defenses have won
          2011 Giants – 27th ranked defense
          2009 Saints – 25th
          2006 Colts – 21
          2001 Patriots – 24th

          @Jason will you also say that Eli Manning has two superbowls and isn’t overrated? I’d still say he is.

          Personally if you are going to ding Russell Wilson for having an amazing defense then you have to do the same to Big Ben. Also last time I checked RW had a bad o-line as well he was missing both his tackles 8 games each and his center missed a couple games as well.

          So yeah Big Ben had the same great defense that RW had and RW had the same o-line problems Big Ben had.

          • Anonymous

            Eli manning is way overated and he has 2 rings…..he maybe played 10 good games in his career, and they came at the right time

          • larry

            In the 2011 playoffs though the giants had by far the best defense in the league. They were robbed by the refs that year as they should have beaten Rogers and the packers by over 30 points except for two bad calls by the refs. The falcons defense scored but the offense was shut out and brady didnt score 20 points against them in the superbowl

    • Seattle Slew

      Yeah, much as I have to agree, anyone could had won with the Hawks defense last year and when they fall like they did against the Cardinals, they lose. Wilson’s not a top 10 yet, he’s only been in the league a very short time (no pun intended haha) and hasn’t been hit hard enough to prove anything. He gets rattled, got sacked a ton of times and only when he has all the time in the world does he find the open receiver. Only this season without Golden Tate to save his ass, he’ll be scrambling for his life and will probably get pounded on and get hurt. In comes Seneca Wallace his back up who isn’t worth much as his age, and the Hawks fall to 7-9 again and become the one-hit wonder they have always been (see Superbowl loss to Big Ben).

      • Anonymous

        Put down the crack pipe. Tate as a receiver was more a detriment than big time. The only time he was successful is when the D played zone against him. He struggled mightily against press man coverage.
        Sacked a lot? Yes! Playing behind a line of backups all season and only became healthy for the first time in the playoffs. A 123 passer rating in the Super Bowl with third down conversions from the pocket all game long. You are entitled to your opinion but do yourself a favor and open your eyes.
        A legit argument cannot be made for the top 4 of this list. After that, it all breaks down. With regard to defenses just look at offensive stat comparisons. Wilson has more TDs, less INTs, a greater yards per completion and yards per pass than the rest on the list.
        Is he a top 10 QB? I don’t know and I really could give a shti about polls. What I do know is that he won a Super Bowl with a PR 123 which is near the top all time and he did it against a top 5 front 7 of Denver.
        Kaep, luck and Newton? Just compare the real stats and don’t make excuses as to why they aren’t as good as Wilson. Yards don’t mean shti, ask Romo about that one.

        • Larry

          While I agree with most of what you say, if they were given the chance to trade Luck for Wilson, I think theyd pull that trigger in a heartbeat. In fact I think theyd trade luckmfor any of the other 9 quarterbacks on the list

          • T Lang

            No team would trade Luck for Wilson, or Wilson for Luck. They both are going to be great QBs for years. Luck is like a faster, stronger, smarter, more skillful (place your favorite QB here),.

      • josh

        Seneca Wallace doesn’t play for the seahawks lol

      • jana

        Seneca Wallace??? might want to catch up on the Hawks QB’s, you won’t find him on the list

      • True 12

        Seneca isn’t even on the team. As for Tate yes he helped but so did Baldwin and Kearse oline was battered and Wilson kept plays alive with his athletic ability. Wilson should be on this list just for his numbers and leadership and of the field behavior. The guy is an all around GREAT football player and human.

        • cal

          im with you true 12

      • Anonymous

        I think Russell Wilson was attending his high school prom the last time Seneca Wallace played for the Hawks. The current backup QBs are capable starters, T-Jack and Pryor have plenty of potential, so I’m not worried. I love Golden Tate and am sad to see him go, but we still have Rice, Baldwin, Kearse and Harvin- so again, NOT WORRIED. One hit wonder? Well, they never had the Pete Carroll and John Schneider dynamic before, so I don’t think that’s going to happen either. Stop living in the past doomsayer.

        • JT

          Terrelle Pryor will never be anything but garbage.

      • seattleice

        With that kind of analysis, you should change your name to “Seattle Slow”. Behind a very mediocre, sometimes bad, offensive line he tied the record for most touchdowns thrown in the first two years and had a passer rating over 100 both years. He is very good in the pocket when he actually has any time at all. Go watch the super bowl again and get a “Seattle Clew”.

    • Diomed

      You obviously have never watched Wilson much. Come from behind? He has done it numerous times in the last two seasons. Wilson does what he has to do to win. Throw, Run, etc…It doesn’t matter.

    • BD

      “Almost anyone could’ve won with that “D” in Seattle.” Romo?

    • al

      Cuz I say so. Your dead wrong on Peyton. He has changed the game and if Superbowl Wins are why you want Big Ben higher than I would take Eli over Big Ben. Look at Big Bens quarterback rating in those super bowls. He wasn’t winning those superbowl’s b/c of his superior play at qb? lol

    • daschwas

      You’ve adequately displayed your ignorance. Well done.

      Now go watch some Russell Wilson game film so you can get educated.

  • Dc

    Russell does so many things to win games. And by the way he won the Superbowl.

    • none of your business

      i agree i am not even a seahawks fan, but i am a nfl fan, aND i THINK RUSSEL WILSON SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST BEEN NUMBER 10

  • Brandi

    So matt Ryan isn’t top 10? Lmao
    The fact that you put romo, kaep, and cam over Ryan is laughable. Matt ryan played behind the worst oline in football (pressured/sacked more then any other QB), and he had the worst running game in the NFL and his recievers were injured all year and his stats were still top 5. The falcons as a team were so plagued by injuries and lack of depth Ryan’s QB plAy couldn’t overcome it.

  • herb

    I love when u clowns do these list. U make the obvious Choices then pic names out of a hat until last then write in Ben.

    Makes me wonder how u got your jobs.
    Soooo if u were building a team. U would choose (Mr I can’t win big games ever)Romo before Ben. The guy took his team to 3 Superbowl, won two of them. And he didn’t have a o-line to protect him. He ran for his life on every play. Not one of these other qb would of had any success if they were on the steelers. If its stats u crave then use playoff stats.
    Rivers is your next Romo.
    Kaepernick and Wilson are too young To know if their good or just lucky. In fact throw Luck in there to.
    1 Manning
    2 Brady (fn hate Brady)
    3-4 Rodgers
    4-3 Ben
    5 The rest suck or just OK or can’t win the big games or to soon to tell.
    Eli is to all over place. One sec he’s awesome the next bad. But did win two SB

    The bottom lines Ben know how to win games. U can have yr stats.

    • shotgun517

      Dude you’d say that Brees suck?, you don’t know football if you say that! in my opinion he’s the best QB just look at every meaningful passing stat in the last 8yrs and he owns them by far!

      • herb

        I forgot about brees. He right up there to.

  • Louis

    Don’t think Wilson is top 10. I know for sure Kap n Newton are not! Matt Ryan definitely got snubbed. Rothlisburger is the poster boy for riding the success of his defense (lowest passer rating of a QB who won their Super Bowl). Wilson is so far ahead of Kap n Newton he had the worst combo of O line and WR of any QB in the league last year.

  • jonny dough

    How can the biggest choker of all time be rated #1?

    • Dzynrbob

      The biggest choker of all time was Fran Tarkenton. Never won the big one. 0-3 in Super bowls. Craig Morton was 0-2 and Jim Kelly.a staggering 0-4/

      • catfish252

        and God Bless Jim Kelly and I hope for his speedy recovery, but Kelly’s losses were four years in a row.

  • ajhawk

    Let’s just see what happens this season! I’m sure Russell Wilson will be somewhere at the top, if not the crowning jewel of football…

    • yankeesrule

      LMFAO…thanks for the laugh..

  • Hawkman54

    TONY ROMO ? REALLY !!! He gets on the list and DangeRUSS does not – what a BS list !!!!

  • Coy

    I’m a Redskins fan and I hate to say it but I have to agree on your stance on Tony Romo.
    They are a 3 team win without him.

  • Zack

    Krappernack made this list!?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!?! Someone tell me which SF fan paid off the uneducated person who made this list???? Let’s see…. Russel Wilson… SUPERBOWl CHAMPION QB. He’s also beaten Krappernack 3 out of 4 meetings…. #1 selling Jersey in the ENTIRE NFL… and he’s not on the list!?!?!? Yeah, this is a joke list and here’s how I know…. CAM NEWTON IS ON IT!!!!!!! He played ok at best last year and that’s coming from the mouths of coaches and NFL analysts everywhere. Do some real research and stop playing favorites. At least have some integrity to write some legit. You outta be ashamed of yourself for even posting this joke of a list and article.

    • bobs4bob

      yea I agree Wilson could be on the top ten list as they stand now. they weren’t asking to add the ones who might have great success in the coming season and future seasons, I haven’t been that impressed with Wilson in the past because I do believe that Seattle’s defense has carried him big time so many times, but considering how great he stepped up, specially some of those 3rd down passes in super Bowl with what was being asked the top ten QBs, I believe he earned a spot just with his super bowl performance. he still needs a lot of improvement, I hope he does it

  • Anonymous

    Slow down, dude. It’s 2-2 between Kap and Wilson, they both have always won at home. I really don’t think either has a huge edge, Kap is a little quicker and stronger while Wilson is a little better of a decision-maker. Cam is kind of a mix of the two, he’s not as quick as Kap but not as smart as Wilson either. This far into their careers, I would say the 3 are actually very close together.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure it’s 3-2 Wilson…I know you want to forget about that NFC Championship game, or maybe it was the 42 – 13 game in 2012.

      • Anonymous

        Worse than that. It is 3-1. Why are we giving Kaep credit for wins Alex Smith notched up?

    • Tim Hoehner

      Seattle maybe tied with the 49’s on wins, but they’re up by 47 points in those 4 games. Up 47 points by a under performing offense and a number one offense. The numbers don’t really make sense if Russell and the Seattle offense is supposed to be so weak. I guess they just got lucky. Yeah. Keep telling yourself that!

  • Hawk Fan

    Id trade Wilson for Tom Brady

    • WHAT

      NO you Wouldn’t

    • Anon

      Brady had his best year last year? really!!???? LMAO. Brady would be #2 4-5 years ago, he is fading fast though and should not be #2. No way last year, almost losing to Bills and Miami only to see them choke at the end, in no way compares to the Randy Moss days and the records that go with it.

      • T Lang

        Now, see if you can keep up. I’ll go slow for you. You missed the ENTIRE point of WHY Tom Brady had one of his best years. Did you forget to read about the part where he had all new receivers to deal with, NO Defense, and yet STILL went 12-4. That rating of TB at #2 is as correct as correct can be. YOU made the point clear when you said it didn’t match the Randy Moss year. The Patriots had ALL the tools that year. Wes Welker, a running game, a decent D, a much younger Brady – You made the argument even easier. LMAO

  • ray lawrence

    A.Rodgers all the way….he’s been brilliant, although every team in the NFL knows that McCarthy will run 1st & 2nd downs 80% of the time which means he must have to throw the ball on that down. (AND HE IS STILL SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!!)

  • John

    I’m struggling to read these comments. First of all Matt ryan, no way should be on this list. His team went 4-12 last year. Which year would you ever see Brady, manning, Rodgers, Brees, rivers, romo, roethlisberger….. Or any consistently good qb do that. Even throw in cutler, Eli, and flacco ( who I despise) if you need more proof. Ok that one should be over. Next since when is Peyton so g.d bad. Will nfl fans please be consistent. Elway is considered one of the most clutch qbs of all time and he went 0-3 in the Super Bowl. Peyton is 1-2, give him some time, it’s really really hard to win a sb. Kaep is on here because of talent. He’s got a rocket arm and is one of the fastest players on the field at all times. Russell Wilson has one of the best rb’s in the game running behind him which is really useful for playaction passes. Let’s not forget that he was the most sacked qb in the entire league last year en route to his championship. Enough’s enough, here’s my list
    1) Rodgers
    2) Peyton
    3) Brady
    4) Brees
    5) Luck
    6) Rivers
    7) Roethlisberger
    8) Romo
    9) Cam
    10) Kaep
    11) Wilson
    12) cutler
    13) foles
    14) stafford
    15) ryan
    Eli ranges between 10-32, based on humidity and if he is playing the pats in the sb. Flacco is normally like 26th but had a stretch of four games where he played as the 7th best qb. (Side note I’m a broncos fan, but Peyton is in the right spot. He’s a prophet at the line of scrimmage)

    • Hawks fan

      until he runs in to a Defense that shuts down the 5 yard passes

    • Anonymous

      Peyton Manning and the colts went 6-10 in 2001.

    • Chris

      Elway was 2-3 in Super Bowls. Anyone who doesn’t think Roethlisberger belongs in this conversation, just watch the winning drive in SB 43.

    • gma

      eli is top 5 maybe top 7 at the lowest hes a 2 time super bowl mvp and the most clutch qb in the league

  • Anonymous

    did he prophesize his huge superbowl loss?

  • John

    Good comment anonymous. I take it you didn’t read the rest of my comment, or you know, watch the football games that don’t have million dollar commercials?

  • Tony

    Not a bad list, though I would clearly move Brady up past Manning. Peyton had the best offensive support ever for an entire career and always finds a way to piss it away when he plays any kind of a good team, like that 24 point lead he blew to Brady. Brady seems to never have any offensive support and still had the third most productive offense and got a decimated team to the AFC Championship game. Had Welker not played dirty and taken out Talib at the knees, we all know Peyton would have thrown a pick six to lose a close game in the fourth quarter. Come to think of it, I’d move Peyton down several slots because he played the weakest schedule

    • Seraphique Vox

      Finally someone says it… Manning had MARVIN freakin’ HARRISON and Reggie Wayne pretty much his whole career in IND. Until Randy Moss showed up for Brady (and we all know what Brady was able to do when he had a top flight receiver) can anyone name the best NE receiver? Troy Brown is great and I love him… Dion Branch did absolutely nothing without Brady tossing it to him… Anyone remember taking Reche Caldwell to with AFC Champ. game? You’re SUPPOSED to put up great numbers with the receivers Manning has had over the years… Brady could win with the people posting in the comments here playing receiver for him……

  • Rob

    Brady should be ahead of Manning. I ran into a couple of sports writers who told me that they would have voted for Brady as MVP if he got the Pats to the number one seed, especially after all those comebacks topped off by the 24 point comeback to beat Manning. They said other sports writers had similar thought. That means that if Amendola or Hooman had not dropped TD passes against MiamI, or if that ref didn’t get talked out of his game ending penalty against the Panthers, Pats would have been the first seed and Brady not Manning would have been the MVP. Messed up when the QB loses an award because his receivers can’t catch. He is still the same guy with the same skills.

  • Matt

    I can’t stand Manning. Good QB and all but needs to get his head screwed on straight come playoff time. And all that crap about his breaking Brees’ record for passing yards is just not true. Even casual fans know that Peyton got credit for a seven yard pass that was shown over and over on vide to be a backwards pass. When the NFL saw it they said yup it’s a backwards pass and were about to subtract it from Peyton’s total until they realized that he would lose the passing yards record they already announced. Not sure if they let him keep the record because they would look stupid otherwise or if they just like the guy. History suggests they help him out every chance they get. What’s up with that?

  • Matt

    I can’t stand Manning. Good QB and all but needs to get his head screwed on straight come playoff time. And all that crap about his breaking Brees’ record for passing yards is just not true. Even casual fans know that Peyton got credit for a seven yard pass that was shown over and over on video to be a backwards pass. When the NFL saw it they said yup it’s a backwards pass and were about to subtract it from Peyton’s total until they realized that he would lose the passing yards record they already announced. Not sure if they let him keep the record because they would look stupid otherwise or if they just like the guy. History suggests they help him out every chance they get. What’s up with that?

    • T Lang

      Matt, Let it go, man. The record is the record. Yep, he had one of the best receiving corps in the NFL (Just think what Brady would have done with that crew).

  • Mike

    Big Ben is way too high and Nick Foles is way too low. Could switch them and it would look better.

  • coop

    Snubbed? New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning not ranked top-10 QB in the NFL???
    Ben Roethlisberger – Two Super Bowls!
    Philip Rivers – yea right!
    Cam Newton – Couldn’t complete the game! Playoff’s
    Colin Kaepernick – Couldn’t complete the game! Superbowl
    Tony Romo – 3 8-8 seasons – Couldn’t complete the game!
    Andrew Luck – Couldn’t complete the game! but 11-5
    Drew Brees 1 – One Superbowl!
    Aaron Rodgers 1 One Superbowl!
    Tom Brady – 3 Three Superbowl! plus MVP’s
    Peyton Manning -1 One Superbowl! plus MVP

    Well for the ill reported facts there’s some miss calculating or just plain error stats here, What is the end game in football each year? The End Game! Superbowl!
    All those other stats IE: could have should have what if? TD’s Yards passed. years etc don’t really matter if your sitting on a couch watching another QB in the Big Game? Well you missed one regardless of bad year on his part, coaching staff, receivers, and season! Eli Manning – was signed in 2004 this is he tenth year! let’s see here, three playoff years two Super Bowls yeas = 5 playoff years because he had a bad year everyone seems to be tossing him under the bus!
    2005 Giants 1
    2006 Giants 1
    2007 Giants 4
    2008 Giants 1
    2011 Giants 4
    Forgot 2 MVP Awards!

    • Anonymous

      i’m a giants fan but Eli played maybe 12-15 good games in his career and they all came at the right time.

    • Jerry Koske

      You forgot about Rodgers MVP.

  • mike

    Kap- very overrated, Romo- Joke, Cam- 1 good year, Flacco-ring, Eli-2 rings, Wilson- ring. Something wrong with this list. How is Big Ben only 10th.

  • DDP

    What a terrible list! The correct list should be…
    1. Tom Brady (won more Championships and Super Bowls then QB on the list)
    2. Peyton Manning (great mindset. Came close lots of times. But just winning 1 SB)
    3. Aaron Rodgers
    4. Eli Manning
    5. Drew Brees
    6. Big Ben
    7. Philip Rivers
    8. Russell Wilson
    9. Joe Flacco
    10. Colin Kaepernick

    * Honorable Mention: 11. Andrew Luck – 12. Cam Newton – 13. Tony Romo – 14. RG3 – 15. Matt Ryan

    • greg

      Eli over Brees is laughable … more super bowl wins but he is so inconsistent. Not to mention his individual stats are not anywhere near elite numbers.

  • Anonymous

    I know a championship is what matters in the end, but peopel give way to much credit to some of the QBs who won them. Wilson, doesn’t win it or even get close to it w/o that D, same with Eli especially in his first one, we saw this past year how well he plays when he has to be the one to carry the team. As an far as overall QB goes I think the list is pretty spot on. Though I am not sold on Cam and Kap as of yet, they are good but the haven’t proven enough. I know Kap made the SB but again It was that D the really put them over. I would put Stafford over both of them. If you put Wilson, Eli, Cam, or Kap on Dallas last year, the would have been picking first in the draft. Romo catches crap for not winning the big games, Marino never one a SB but people still say he is one of the best ever. You give Romo , the D Wilson had, and they would have gone 14-2 and won the SB.

    • Willie

      Your comments makes no sense! I mean everyone wants to bash Wilson because he won and you want to give all the credit to defense. well, that is fine and dandy, however, don’t denigrade Wilson’s contribution and say it was ALL on the defense! Honestly, I know of NO QB who can win without a top defense to help them out. Every QB who has won anything has had a complete team around them and that ncludes the defense. So Wilson is not alone in that cagegory. Even Brady had a top defense when he won his Superbowls.

      • Steven

        That’s not entirely true. 09 Saints won SB with 26th ranked D.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. Throwing a bunch of wonky passes to the best WR in the NFL, and throwing bad INTs to lose the game from the jaws of victory just makes you so much better than a QB who managed to notch up a 128 passer rating against a defense which just a fortnight previously made Tom Brady look inept. Also, it’s funny how everyone is creditting team defenses to QBs, and not their actual offenses. Seattle had one of the worst O-lines in the NFL last year, and a pretty shallow pool of WR talent. What? Are you saying Romo would have succeeded when the pocket closed on him while Golden Tate was struggling to get open? But oh no. We should ignore that, and sheerly focus on defense. Because who cares that Romo is throwing to guys like Witten and Bryant? All that matters is that Wilson has Sherman and Thomas to back him up when he’s already left the field.

  • Michael

    Russell Wilson is an unbelievably gifted and clutch QB. 49ers need to give Kap an arsenal of WR’s to crack the top 10. Roth, Romo, Kap not even top 15. Wilson is Drew Brees and Cam combined.

  • Dawn

    Where the heck is Russell Wilson? He has taken his team farther than Kam has. Who made this list? Brees, Brady, and Manning are about the only other QB’s I agree with.

  • Bob G

    An absolute joke apparently written by people who know nothing about football. Russell Wilson is in the top 10 in nearly every QB stat on a team that is run first.

    • GI Styles

      Oh no. But you see, Wilson doesn’t put up 4000+ yards every year. Neither does Big Ben, but you see, Ben doesn’t have a top defense behind him. Anymore. And since he lost that advantage, he hasn’t been into the playoffs. But don’t you see? Him not having a good defense and not making into the playoffs makes him better than simply having a good defense and winning the Super Bowl. The funny thing is, I like Big Ben, and him and Wilson are probably my #5 and #6 of QBs, because even if they don’t win, they still manage to remain competitive until the end and won’t piss a lead down their pants. But that doesn’t matter apparently, because it’s better to have a guy who will wet themselves in high-stakes games, rather than having a consistent competitor who won’t let you down when it matters the most.

  • blueberryicedcoffee

    I’m totally lmao-ing at some of the absolutely asinine comments about Rivers, Romo, Kaep, Wilson and Manning.

    Manning is the best QB in the NFL right now. Period. Will he be the best QB in the NFL this season? I don’t know. But as for now, he deserves the #1 spot.

    I personally do not feel Ben Rothlisberger deserves to be on the list. I’d swap him for Matt Ryan, who, despite being on a horrible team last year, put up some good numbers.

    This may not be a popular opinion, but Romo and Rivers deserve to be on the list. Both are two of the most underrated players in the NFL.

    This isn’t a popular either, especially with “casual” fans, but no way does Wilson deserve to be Top-10. He’s an above-average bus driver with one of the best defenses in NFL history.

    All and all, it’s a fair list.

  • UM68

    Maybe this list was compiled based on Fantasy Stats; but who would you rather have as your QB? A guy who won more road games in one season (and road playoff games) than anyone in the history of the NFL, won 2 Super Bowls in the past 7 years and 2 Super Bowl MVP awards to go with them, or a guy who never even made it to the Conference championship game? You can have your stats; I’ll take the guy who wins the money games.

  • Pic

    The 2005 Super Bowl was handed to Big Ben by poor officiating.

  • Blue Bottle

    This list is the biggest piece of bs ever. Ben, Rivers, Romo in and Eli out? Get your effing heads out of your butts! Try a little research….

  • Heather Hebdon

    What a sad commentary when the Quarterback that lead the Seahawks to victory stomping on Brady and Manning, as well as Kappernick (both in Seattle and San Francisco ). The Seahawks have been shortchanged for far too long. It is time that America recognize this is a team and while we have great singles OUR TEAM looks at it as a WE not ME approach to success. That isn’t measured by the polls or any other strategy

    • eugene

      The Officials gave that game to seattle as well as the nfc championship game.

      • Rick

        Eugene, are you retarded? Let’s talk about the first play of the game… Safety. That set the tone. Or even the first play of the second half, where Harvin ran the ball all the way down the field for a TD. The officials had EVERYTHING to do with that, though. Fucking idiots, I swear….

        • Anonymous

          uhh I think he was talking about the game against the 49ers…

  • darren

    Gotta agree with that rivers romo in and eli and russel not apart from that its spot on especially 1-5

  • CD

    Hard to take the list very seriously when Romo is top 10 and Flacco is not… I’m not arguing that Flacco is a challenge to Payton Manning, by any means… But come on– besides a Superbowl, look at Flacco’s playoff appearances (and playoff record) since 2008… Even with a dismal 2013 season, he still well outclasses a couple of guys on the list!

    • Sylvia

      For sure, look who Joe had to beat to win a SB, Luck, Peyton, Brady, and Kapernick and he still gets dissed. You folks need to start judging based on likes or dislikes but on accomplishments because at the end of the day, we get paid based on winning and that should be the criteria.

  • Tim H

    What do Romo, Kap, Rivers, Cam, and Luck all have in common? Russel Wilson is better at QB than all of them. This list is sideways from the start. Brady is by far the best QB.

  • bill

    Tom is #1, simple

  • tyler

    wow no flacco, last year he deffinatley wasnt special but 5 times to postseason in only 5 of them superbowl champions. better remake this garbage. heres some things hes done *First rookie QB to start all 16 games and lead team to playoffs (with Matt Ryan)
    *First rookie QB to win 2 playoff games
    *Starts by a QB in 1st season – 19
    *Starts by a QB in first 2 seasons – 37
    *Starts by a QB in first 3 seasons – 55
    *Starts by a QB in first 4 seasons – 73
    *Starts by a QB in first 5 seasons – 93
    *Wins by a QB in first 80 regular season starts – 54
    *Combined regular/postseason wins in first 3 years as QB – 36 (with Dan Marino)
    *Only QB to start/win a playoff game in each of his first 5 seasons
    *Road playoff wins by a QB – 6
    *Passing TDs in a postseason – 11 (with Joe Montana & Kurt Warner)
    *Passing TDs in a postseason without interception – 11 (with Joe Montana)
    *First QB to have a passer rating over 100 in all four games of a single postseason
    *Consecutive playoff games with 3 passing TDs – 3 (with Bernie Kosar, Kurt Warner & Aaron Rodgers)…….and yes i am a ravens fan, let the shit talking begin!!

  • Anonymous

    We’re is russell. All Cap can do is run and throw interceptions. Cam just pouts

  • kee

    stafford, foles, wilson should replace romo, rivers, ben…. at least flacco wasn’t on this list

  • Ashley

    Not a terribly bad list, but I would have Russel Wilson in the mix.
    Not many comentors on here seemed to grasp the “this year” concept.

  • Dan

    OMG!!! If you are going to talk about winning versus losing, you’re talking about the quarterback. He handles the ball and directs the offense, While I have no objections to Manning or Brady, as they have proven themselves over and over, how can you put Kap, Newton and that crew above Russell Wilson? He only managed and directed the Seattle offense to destroy Denver and win the Super Bowl. Yes, it is early in his career, but he has done more in his short time than those you have chosen.

  • Anonymous

    It’s still a team game. No one person wins it all.

    Good team, good result. Great team-Superbowl WIN!! Bottom line…


    You people must don’t read. They are talking about the best of today, not 5-10 years ago. Stop hating the minorities and understand that they are the present and future of the league. Caep has been in the NFL three years and has had two Superbowl starts and one NFC championship game. Name another QB that has done that lately. Oh yea, Wilson just won it as a Rookie. Now stop the hating and get on board, this is the present and future of the NFL!!!

    • Ennisfor

      Uh, Caepernick started one Super Bowl – which he lost. Wilson was in his second year last year.

  • Anon

    The headline is
    Top 10 in 2014: The best quarterbacks in the NFL today

    Not over last 15 years. Many QBs have only been around 1-3 years. We aren’t comparing Bradys entire career to Wilson over 2 years. We are listing the “best QBs TODAY”
    Brady is not top 2, he had a horrible year in spite of his 12-4 record in a pathetic division. He could have easily lost 4 more games if his division foes had any talent. #1-2 should be Peyton and Wilson, they played in SB and are expected to perform similarly this year. I like Matt Ryan but he sucked last year and should not be in top 10 pre season. Romo def. lower end due to his 8-8 choke performances for 3 years. I think Brady also in 6-10 slot somewhere based on his performance last year and expectations (getting old) for him this year.
    And they guy writing this article claims Brady had his best year ever in 2013???? LMAO……this entire list is a joke.

    • T Lang

      Brady could have easily been #1, not #2. You definitely need to back up and re-evaluate your baseless, uneducated opinions. Brady had the most decimated, poor offensive corp to work with in 2013, yet led the Patriots to 12 wins. 12! No Aaron Hernandez, Gronk hurt much of the year, Welker gone (best slot receiver in the league), and Almendola not healthy until later in the year rookie or no-name receivers who took almost the entire season to get on the same page with Brady, decimated defense, and yet he led his team to the AFC East title. Yep. Brady had arguably his finest seasons ever. And if you read all the posts, should realize that he was a hair’s breadth away from being the MVP. Get it? We are talking about this year. Not the last 15 years. I LMAO when I read your comments. Unbelievably naïve and short-sighted. Brady isn’t going anywhere for a few more years, so YOU’RE expectation that another year older makes him less effective than last year is laughable. Now, your observation that some of the others on this list were overrated has some merit. Wilson should have been in the top 5. Very bright, talented and tough QB.. Much like Brees, but more athletic.

      • LaReine

        TLang you are absolutely right, Tom Brady should be at the top. How can a QB be #one when he was on his ass through out the Super Bowl 2014 I loved it. lol.

  • Mikola

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. However, leaving Wilson off is remarkable. Wilson has more wins in the first two years than anyone in the history of the NFL. He is also, like some of the others, a Superbowl champion. Additionally, he has maintained a QB rating in triple figures for his first two years. In the Superbowl his rating was 123. While the Seahawks defense was responsible for many good things, I don’t think they had any effect on their own QBs rating. Finally, consider this: If Dallas or Pittsburgh and a few other teams for that matter, has a chance for a straight up trade for Wilson over their guys, how long do you think it would take to make that trade? Probably not long. Sounds like the writer of this article is a 49er fan.

  • SaintsWillWin

    Manning is 1-2 in Super Bowls and is rated ahead of Brees? Brees broke Marino’s passing record 1st and then re-set it a couple more times.
    He also managed to hand Manning his first Super Bowl loss.

    Why/how did Romo and Scam Newton make the list?

  • Walter

    It’s painfully obvious that whomever wrote this article is a 49er fan! I really don’t see at all how Colin Kaepernick even made it on this list. Russell Wilson is far better then Kaepernick could ever dream of being. Kaepernick is missing a major piece of recognition, A Super Bowl Ring!!!

  • Andrea

    I want to thank the people that wrote this article and came up with these stats. Sad to see Seahawks Russell Wilson was not ranked in the top ten. But that’s a good thing for the Seahawks, cause he and the rest of the team will work extra hard again this year and prove you all wrong. GO HAWKS!!!!

  • Brian Hutmacher

    This list is silly. If the current NFL GM’s who make real personnel decisions were to put this list together, it wouldn’t look even remotely like this one. It would be Rodgers, Manning, Brady, Brees, Wilson . . . and then the rest. Wilson does not turn the ball over. He can escape pressure and the pass rush. He can make every throw. And he can improvise and take over a game as necessary. And he leads his team. It’s a very complete tool set. No disrespect to the other QB’s on the list, but they simply don’t have the entire package that Wilson does.

  • Russell Taylor

    Making the point that nobody wins like Peyton to justify him being number won is nonsense. I watched him choke for 4 years against UF while at Tennessee, throw a pick 6 that cost them a super bowl against the Saints and lose last year. One win doesn’t make him the best. I think the exact argument would better apply to Tom Brady whose won three SBs and two SB MVPs.

  • Curtis Wogan

    You seem to have overlooked last year’s Super Bowl winner…

  • Manny Monster

    The person who wrote this should just never be employed as a football writer ever again. Ugh… Don’t even know where to start. And where’s Wilson? Having Kap and Newton on this list and not Wilson , all by itself, makes this less a list of top QBs, and more a confirmation of stupidity. How do you even come up with that? Stats? Nope. Wins? Nope. Quit your job and let someone with a brain write these things.

    • DanDad

      I agree 100% Luck better than Wilson? Aside from total yards and yards per completion, Luck is no where near Wilson. More TD’s? Nope More wins? Nope Better playoff record? Better completion percentage? Nope More Superbowls? Nope More rushing yards? Nope This list goes on for days. Why on earth is Luck #5 and Wilson not listed? Because the person who wrote this article actually doesn’t watch football or pay attention to numbers.

  • Tony

    Anonymous mentioned that Wilson won because of his defense and that anyone could have won with that defense. Don’t forget that the final score was 43-8 and Seattle sat on the ball at the end so it could just as easily have been 50-8. No one scored 50 against the Broncos all year so Cudos to Wilson who played a great game while Peyton did what Peyton always does, not show up in big games. He has got to be situationally, the luckiest QB ever, yet biggest choke artist of all time. Threw a pick six to lose his last Superbowl too. Most over-rated QB ever. Should have said instead that anyone with Mannings teammates, most first round offensive draft picks, could have his stats and would fare better in the postseason. They certainly couldn’t do any worse. If he didn’t own the press he would have been seen by the public as the hype job that he is. Dealt the best hand year after year and still can’t close the deal. Can’t wait til he retires so I don’t have to hear about how good he is (they never mention all the great players around him, like his receivers who ran for over 3,000 yards after the catch) and leave out his supporting cast.

  • cowboy Todd

    Are you insane? There is this guy in Seattle his name is Wilson I guess you have not heard of him. He has only led his team to 2 play off appearances, the best record in the NFL, 4 playoff wins, and 1 super bowl title in his first 2 years. He is also a “dual threat” option as well. You might also want to see what his record is against both Kaepernick and Newton. Also he is a stand up guy. No arrests for Stealing computers or sexual assault accusations. Oh and by the way in the super bowl one of your top guys (P. Manning) let the football get snapped over his head 12 seconds into the game for 2 points. Not putting Wilson in this list makes the whole list a non starter with me. You blew it. I probably won’t read any of the other lists because your judgment of what is good has little credibility right now.

  • savannahnj

    nice to see that just about everyone had the same comment on Russell Wilson- I am not a Seahawks fan- but he has totally impressed me with his play savvy- a big mistake to leave him off this list

  • packersfan22

    Stafford should make this list imo

    • Rich

      Agreed, Stafford IMO, is better than 3 of the QB’s on the “experts” list

  • Nick Perry

    I went straight to the last page to see if you had Rodgers ranked 1st or 2nd. When I didn’t see him until 3rd, I quit reading the list. I can’t wait for the season to start so I can quit killing time reading these lists.

  • Rich

    God!!!….I am so glad they left Wilson out of the top ten. Almost guarantees a return to the Superbowl. I love it ! more fodder for the fire…another chip on the shoulder. Hope the next big article out is how the Seahawks were a fluke and have NO chance of getting to the big game again. lmao perfect !

  • Anonymous

    tony nomo shouldnt be on this list yes if your down 28 points in the 4th qu he will tie it up but he also will throw the game winning int so he does deserve the blame

  • Anonymous

    yes tom brady has 3 sb rings but they came bby have a top 5 D and watching the other teams game film before the game peyton manning deserves to be number 1 and i hate the guy denver wastes money having a guy stand on the side line as a OC their oc wears #18 and plays QB

  • larry wales

    Your’re a crack smokin’ freak if you truly believe KRAPERNECK is better than WILSON! wtf man?Wilson in two years has won more games than anyone in the history of the NFL including the SUPERBOWL! KRAP won’t be playing in five years, he’ll be in jail.

  • Adam

    Agree up to 6
    Then I have Rivers, Ryan, Roethlisberger, Wilson. Cam is a very close 11 though and Kaepernick isn’t a good enough passer to be considered a top 10 QB.

    • Mike

      Wilson, Ryan, and Eli are better than Kaperneck and Newton. Romo is talented, but both Eli and Wilson won a Super Bowl or two. Yes, Eli did not play great last year, but the guy has something – except Brady – doesn’t have. Two Super Bowl MVP trophies setting in his house.

  • Lamby

    Tony Romo???
    Big Ben???
    Cam Newton??
    Where was/is Nick Foles??
    Just saying

  • Tb12fan

    Tom Brady did so much more last year with so much less. Peyton well. He had every star aligned for him to go all the way. And he alone choked in the big game. As he always does. Brady could easily have2 more Super Bowl wins under his belt losing only by 2 flukey plays. Flukey to the same team. He is by far the best qb in the league today . There is a lot of young talent coming up. With luck. And Wilson. I hate Ben rapistburger but. Do believe he is listed a lil low on this list.

  • Sgd1

    Leaving Nick Foles and Russell Wilson off this list in favor of Rothliesberger, Rivers and Romo borders on criminal. Whoever came up with has ZERO credibilty

  • chizzle

    Wow, did a bunch of middle school kids make up this list or does this list mean, starting now best quarterbacks. I do not think a guy who’s played less than 4 or 5 seasons should be on here, and I guess SUPER BOWL CHAMPION QB’S aren’t worthy either. With the exception of the top 4, most thee others are the best without rings. Big Ben has got to be in the top 6 at least and with Peyton’s Mile High awesomeness, we seem to forget about a younger guy who’s won more SB-ELI. In just about 6 years Wilson could catch up with Brady, so stick him in the top 7 and end it with whoever meow.

  • Richard

    All the hate for my man Kaepernick? Well, that figures, when every other comment on here is “Wilson this” or “Wilson that”. Get over it. Kaepernick is better than Wilson, and you know it. And even if he wasn’t, they play two completely different types of games. Kap is built differently, and therefore plays differently. Someone on here said that Wilson was more of a “thinking” QB, and I agree with that. But a lot of people on here are acting like it’s offensive for a QB like Kap to be able to run and score First Downs/TDs when he can. Really? Get over yourselves. ANY QB can do that if they have the skills. Young did that (scrambled) and he’s in the HOF.

    I’ve always been unimpressed with Cam Newton. My father’s had him on his fantasy team 2 years in a row, and I have no idea why. The 9ers beat the Panther’s asses last season, and all Cam did was sulk on the sidelines like a child. He’s up in this top 10? I don’t think so.

    Finally: a lot of people are bitching that Wilson didn’t make this list. Did you see how badly he got sacked in the NFC Championship? Face it: he needs a lot of time to throw the ball, and can’t scramble as well as some other QB in the league. Wilson is good, but he’s not THAT good. Just because he won ONE Super-Bowl does not make him that great. Stop sucking up blindly and look at the facts.

    And before you start: yes, I’m a devout 9er fan, and even I agree Kap is not the best QB in the league. I do think he deserves to make this list though. I think this list places him appropriately in position. Remember folks: he’s made it to 2 NFC Championships and a SB. That’s not something to take lightly. You have to acknowledge skill and performance when it’s due.

    But as the old saying goes: haters gonna hate. Go 9ers!

  • Greggo

    Anyone, and I mean anyone who thinks Tony Romo is a better QB than Big Ben doesn’t know a freakin thing about football!! That is pathetic!

  • DayVo

    The bottom 6 QBs on this list totally discredit this website. How on EARTH can Russell Wilson be lower than Kap or Newton? I think you’d better fix this list if you want this website to go anywhere… Nobody is going to go to a football website that doesn’t know anything about football… At least I know I’m not coming back.

  • dan smith

    cam newton and romo are NOT top ten QB’s. Big Ben is better than Rivers and Kapernick. The top 4 I understand, then it should be Big Ben at 5, Andrew Luck at 6, the Rivers at 7, Stafford at 8, then fit in at 9 and 10 two of the next three, Kapernick, Wilson or romo. They are about the same. Cam newton a top 10 QB, maybe top 10 cry baby.

  • Anonymous

    AROD12 is the best in the game! He is the most complete Quarterback in the game go PACK!!!

  • henry

    Romo does not deserve to be in the top 10 at all…he is not clutch and sure he had a few good games, but who hasn’t? Romo has never been the same since he botched the field goal hold that was going to take Dallas all the way to the Superbowl and win the Superbowl.

  • Anonymous

    como puede ser que romo rivers luck por delante de roethlisberger si no han ganado nada es estupido pensar de esa manera parece concurso de popularidad y no por merecimiento

  • John Ho

    So let me get this straight…there are 5 QB’s who have never been to a SB and have not won as many playoff games combines as Big Ben but they are ranked ahead of him? Except for Rodgers, Cam and maybe Luck the other QB’s especially Peyton and Brady would be toast behind the the POS offensive line the Steelers have had since 2005. Which of these QB’s led a 4th quarter come from behind game winning drive in the SB? Big ben in SB 43. Who had more TD passes in 2013 Brady or Big Ben? The answer is Big Ben. Ben could win 2 more SB’s and still get no respect because when he was a younger man, he made some dumb a$$ decisions.

  • Chris

    Brady hasn’t won a SB in a decade. Chokes just as much as Manning…..Discuss.

  • Bill

    Chris, Tom Brady’s decade of no SB wins and “Chokes” add up to 110 Wins, 34 Losses 8 Division Titles with the one non division title season with Matt Cassel at the helm.
    5 trips to the AFC Championship Game with a 2 – 3 record. Two trips to the Super Bowl with both losses coming to the NY Giants. Both of those games could have been wins with the grace and luck of a few bizarre plays going NY’s way. Another jealous angry NE Pats hater who would trade his right arm for a team like this. Tom Brady will be in “The Conversation” for decades to come regardless of his performance the rest of his career in the NFL. Get a life!

  • KJU

    Go Kap! #QuestForSix

    • Gringo

      Been there, done that.

  • Proc

    There’s one QB out there that is younger than Peyton and has won more SB’s than Peyton, and that’s his brother. Sure he had a horrible year last season, but how can you leave off this list a 2 time SB winner? Further more, I don’t think Kap, Romo, or Rivers deserve to be on this list anymore than Tim Tebow does.

  • Mike

    How do you not have Matty Ice in your top 10? Guy has been as consistent as any one in the league and has transformed the Falcons into a competitor nearly every year he has been with the team. Last season the exception, but they also lost more than 50% of their offensive production for most of the season. No QB would have succeeded with the talent Matt Ryan had around him for the majority of last season due to injuries. Look for a huge rebound season for the guy coined the nickname Matty Ice for a reason.

  • Levi

    Don’t like the list. Big NE fan but I’ve seen Wilson be spectacular for 2 seasons, he actually reminds me of a mobile Brady, he is top 5.. Looking strictly at last year and what people had to work with I give it to (gasp) Brady. I’d love to see any other quarterback (especially Manning) be as competitive without one other (off the line) player on offense that could be labeled ‘superior’, It just would not be done. I’m not saying Tom is a better passer than some of the other ‘backs in the league, clearly he is not, but as efficient at his position in the NFL as there has ever been. Over the past five years I’d say that Rodgers (with superior support) has been the best QB.

  • Hollywood

    No mention of Russel Wilson!!? He may not be the “flashy” QB that seems to be the epitome of NFL QB’s, but the man is a Champion! Look what he’s done in only two full years…A title game appearance and a crushing Super Bowl defeat of the “Best offense in the NFL” Someone needs to rethink this!!!

    • Hawkswin50

      Oh thank you so much for mentioning the Superbowl winner – Russell Wilson! I so agree with what you said! – What is up with these biased writers? The ‘journalist’ loves the Cowboys (lmao).. i.e. Tony Romo, who is clearly being phased out by the younger, more able & qualified QB’s.! The Hawks are here to stay, folks, so get used to it! Go Seattle Seahawks!!!

  • randel

    the thing that makes me so happy is no mention of Washington’s RGKnee in this article. I wish that Steviano woman would go date Snyder and get some poop on him.

  • tomcat

    Kap & ROMO IS BETTER THAN ELY ? What a Joke Last Time I Looked Ely has Super Bowl Wins Romo ZERO Kap Zero

  • Hawkswin50

    Well, WHAT happened to the Superbowl champ Russell Wilson, in this incorrectly written piece? I mean, I get the stats but then WHY didn’t Peyton Manning win Superbowl instead of his better counterpart? … lmao! Go Hawks!!!!

  • Can’t Forget About

    Matthew Stafford, Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer, Ryan Tannehill, Alex Smith, Nick Foles, Jay Cutler, Mike Glennon, Josh McCown, and Sam Bradford. Each or all of them could have been on the list. Between college, pro days, and the NFL, they represent the cat’s meow of quarterback play.

  • tommy

    I’ve watched the nfl since otto graham was qb for the browns,and i’venever seen anyone to compare to tom brady.if he had the players surrounding him that the other great ones have had,there is no doubt in my mind that he would have won the super bowl every year that he has played.manning is great but he does not compare,no matter how much hype he gets from all of you.

  • drew

    I’m a lifelong steeler fan but I have to say Joe Montana was and is probably the best QB I ever watched play the game and did not choke, no matter what

  • Bob S

    The writer of this article left out RW just to get more people to read and comment, he succeed:
    RW Stats for his entire NFL Carrier…
    TDs/INTs = 52/19 (Tied for 8th or 9th for the past 2 years…not throwing an INT is just as important as throwing a TD, go ask Manning/Kap.)
    TDs = 52 (9th in the NFL)
    TD Percentage per Pass = 6.5% (3rd or 4th in the NFL over the past 2 years)
    Yards Per Att = 8.09 (#1 or #2 in the nfl over the past 2 years, Manning is the only who could be ahead of him)
    % Pass is completed for 1st down = 36.70% (5th for stating QB, some backups have thrown a few passes for 1st downs which put both of them at the top of the list. But, I am not counting them for they only threw 13/14 passes the whole season.)
    % Completion = 63.6 (Tied for about 10th in the NFL)
    QB Rating = 100.6 (4th or 5th in the NFL over the 2 year period)
    Won More Games than any other QB for the 2 years and in NFL history as a rookie = 28 games
    Interceptions in 3 Playoffs games (2013) = 0 (This is one reason a Team does not give up points, QB that does not turn the ball over…ask Manning/Kap about this.)
    Interceptions in 5 Playoffs games (2012 & 2013) = 1 (One INT in 5 Playoff games)
    Leadership Skills = Can’t measure, but if you could it would be off the charts.
    SuperBowl winner

    ***Sacked 77 times, in the top 8 at least, if not the top 5. So, he played behind an OL that did not protect him and yet was able to stay in the TOP 10 or higher in Key QB Stats.
    -Everything points to a top 10 QB, not #1 because there is NO #1 QB. All QBs are different for each team and their playing style. Manning is GREAT, but he has his flaws just like any QB, he does throw ducks at times…but he also throws beautiful TDs.

    Long story short, this is one of the WORST QB rankings I have every seen, the guy just wanted to make a name for himself…and he succeeded.

  • Bob S

    This Writer does NOT hold to his own standard/words…

    He says about Kap ” In only 23 career starts, he’s already posted 17 victories (a .739 winning percentage), reached two NFC Championship Games and played in a Super Bowl.”

    RW WIns = 28 (More than any QB in his 1st two years and more than ANY QB in the last 2 years)
    RW Reg Season Wining % = 75% (24 out of 32)
    RW Playoff Winning % = 80% (4 out of 5)
    RW TOTAL Winning % = 76.7% (28 out of 37)

    AND…he won the SB.

    Dumbest Top 10 QB Ranking of all time, but he got us to read his webpage.

  • gma

    this is a terrible list u cant have qbs in the top 10 that havent even played more then 3 seasons they dont have enough of a career to be compared to the mannings and brady’s of the world

  • Tad

    No Matt Ryan… I can’t even take this list seriously.

  • Skipster

    They are all great. Thing is they ALL get beat at the game. No matter what you say about QB’s, it’s ALL a TEAM effort. They should gauge TEAMS, not players,

  • Seahawks Suck

    So the Seahawks managed to win one Superbowl after HOW many years of trying? I guess you NFL “fans” forget how many teams fall to the “Super Bowl Curse” after winning the big game. Let’s put it this way, since most of you probably weren’t born til after 1980 only 4 teams have repeated their Super Bowl win the following Season. So out of 30+ years; 4 teams; all with HoF quarterbacks at their helm repeated. So, if you want to gamble in Vegas on those odds then be my guest. Also, if you don’t know what the curse is then stop calling yourself fans. I could care less about what the “She hawks” did in last year’s Super Bowl. They played well and won. Someone had to. But really I wonder how many of you armchair quarterbacks posting in these comments have won the big game or any game other than Madden and have your own stats to compare. Admittedly I don’t have any, but I am also not the one tearing apart this list or pissing and moaning cause my QB didn’t place higher. Let’s see how many of you remember this: 2001 a sixth round #199 draft pick got to start because his HoF QB got hurt and next thing you know the Patriots win the SB with that “average” talent rookie QB. Now I’ll let you long term “fans” figure that out and name that QB who is undeniably one of the best ever. I understand your excitement after most of you She-hawks watched for 30 plus years your team fail year after year but seriously, you feel the that Wilson is soooo much better than everyone else and you guys a lock to win it again. You’re delusional to think the other top ten teams aren’t gunning to bring Wilson and his team down a peg. Remember when the Super Bowl hangover starts EVERY team on your schedule considers you their BIGGEST game of the season and that’s 17 chances for them to whip your ass. But I guess since “we won it last year than damn we have the best quarterback, the best team and the best whatever blah blah blah. So the rest of the 31 teams should just pack it up and go fishing early”. I hear this same drivel every year from you fair weather fans (especially you She-Hawks fans who hid your face and shame for some many years) Remember even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again. LMAO. GTFO and ANY GIVEN SUNDAY… (or Monday Night or occasional Thursday now lol)

    • Anonymous

      Actually the Broncos were getting all the hype leading up to the Superbowl. At least now they’re talking about the winner. By the way, Russell Wilson is better than Kaepernick, and wasn’t listed in the top ten. So much for the Seahawk bandwagon.

    • David S.

      Why do they suck? Because of the past? Those players/coaches/managers are gone. You sound really young.

  • wheezer58

    So there are 28 qbs worse than Tony Romo? These guys are out of their minds.

  • Bigdaddy

    I’m so tired of these idiots that make these bullshit rankings. Big Ben has two super bowl rings and should have had 3 and you ass hats put him behind Rivers and other qb’s who haven’t even been to the super bowl. As for P Mannings sorry ass, he’s marino with a Super Bowl ring. Greatest big game choker ever!!!!!!!!!

  • bigdaddy

    Can’t believe you guys put manning number on, especially after that horrible performance in the Super Bowl. He’s a bum who fled to Denver to avoid the Ravens and Patriots. You give him all this credit when they win but you never call him out for mistakes