Anthony Castonzo: A lot more productive than you think


The Colts picked up the fifth year option on left tackle Anthony Castonzo. The media has criticized the Colts for this stating he has not lived up to his hype of being a first round draft pick in 2011.

Yet, Castonzo has improved every year in this career, and while he may not be an elite tackle yet, the potential is there.

He gave up only four sacks last year in over 1,000 passing situations. Knock him or not, those number do not lie, especially for someone who has to block JJ Watt twice a year.

He is a quiet man, and his play comes the same way.

Still needing to set his hips against the pass rush, Castonzo can improve on somethings.

He will need to use his strength and athleticism to gain power over pass rushers. I could go on and on about this, but the bottom line is he needs to be working on this in the offseason.

He has improved every year in his career, and there is no reason why he cannot in 2014. Look for him to land himself among the top 10 left tackles in the NFL after the season is over. Which means, Luck will have another record breaking year.