Bruce Irvin more excited to see teammates than President


Tomorrow the Seattle Seahawks will visit President Obama at the White House in Washington D.C., as is tradition with every team that wins the Super bowl. So because the Seahawks won the Super bowl back in February by the score of 43-8 they will get to meet and take pictures with the leader of the free world.

It’s an exciting opportunity for any athlete, but one Seahawks linebacker is even more excited to see his old teammates again than visiting the White House.

That’s Bruce Irvin, who is of course referring to old defensive line comrades Red Bryant and Chris Clemons, both of whom signed with the Jacksonville Jaghawks down in the AFC South this offseason.

Clemons and Bryant will still get to participate in the White House event as will all the other Seahawks who have since signed with other teams. Tomorrow we’ll bring you photos and video of the LOB’s official state visit.

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