Analysis on Houston Texans’ third round selection


The Houston Texans drafted C.J. Fiedorowicz in the third round of this years draft, a move that surprised some and have some saying it was a reach to take him in the third. From what I have seen of his game film he is a great blocking tight end but even more surprising is his ability to catch the ball.

He goes up and gets the ball at the highest point and at 6’5” he gets up higher than most guys covering him. Fiedorowicz has even said that he wanted to model his game after Rob Gronkowski, meaning he would focus his skills not only on catching the football but also on blocking.

He was considered one of the best blocking tight ends in college this year.

Fiedorowics has this to say : “A lot of tight ends in the NFL are either blocking tight ends or receiving tight ends. I like watching Rob Gronkowski, someone I look up to,” Fiedorowicz said during the scouting combine.

“He can dominate both the line of scrimmage and down the field. That’s who I kind of want to be like.”

Fiedorowics looks like he is going to be a dual threat blocker and receiver, we will have to wait and see if he is anywhere near as good as Gronk, but if he does compare he might be a more durable version of Gronk.

The Texans might have gotten the best tight end in the draft, time will tell.

The game film on Fiedorowics here.

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