Attaochu signs, Verrett only Charger draft pick without contract


Yesterday, Jeremiah Attaochu officially became a member of the San Diego Chargers. With the second round pick agreeing to a deal, five of the six draft picks have been signed, with the only exception being Jason Verrett.

Chargers fans shouldn’t be too worried about this. The new slotted contract structure limits potential hold-outs by draft picks. Verrett should sign a contract for four years worth around $8 million dollars per the slotted deals from last year, with most of that money guaranteed. Each year, the value of the contracts tend to go up slightly (ten to hundred thousands) and the Bolts are likely looking for other teams to set market value. Additionally, with each pick the Chargers sign, a roster spot has to open up to get the number of players under 90. Sometimes teams will wait to make the contract official in order to further evaluate players.

I expect Verrett to sign shortly with the Attaochu deal done. I can’t wait to see these guys in camp and get a taste of what they can do.

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