Dennis Allen: It would take something catastrophic for Derek Carr to start in 2014


According to Jim Trotter of ESPN, Oakland Raiders coach Dennis Allen is completely committed to Matt Schaub as the starter for the team in 2014. Per Trotter, Allen said it would take something catastrophic in order for Carr to get the nod this season.

This is not a huge surprise, Allen and general manager Reggie McKenzie have both expressed the sentiment that they prefer a rookie quarterback sit and learn in his rookie season. But the wording is rather strong and leads one to wonder if Allen was speaking to more than just Schaub in regards to whether or not Carr would get to start.

The Raiders also have second year quarterback Matt McGloin on the team. While he is very raw, the undrafted free agent overcame expectations of nearly everyone in 2013 and played admirably. If Allen and McKenzie are truly dedicated to the notion of having a rookie quarterback sit his entire rookie season, the catastrophic event Allen speaks of may be more than just terrible play or injury to Schaub. He could be referring to the fact that McGloin could get the nod before Carr should Schaub stumble or get hurt.

That part is entirely unclear but what does appear to be clear is that anyone holding out hope to see Carr start the season for the Raiders probably shouldn’t hold their breath. It is possible Carr could win the job but Allen appears determined to have him sit and learn as a rookie.

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  • Jay

    Stupid az Raiders! If they were going to draft arguably the most pro ready QB in this draft, why trade for pick 6 Schaub? If DA is so firmly committed to Schaub, they should have used that 2nd round pick on Marquis Lee, then drafted a QB later like David Fales or AJ McCarron for example. Both of which are better than Schaub within a year. Yea the Raiders had an uncharacteristically good draft this year. But when it comes to QBs they still don’t know their heads from their aholes.

    • Walter Spargo

      You say arguably and I choose to argue that. No QB is pro ready, except maybe for Andrew Luck. Carr has a strong arm, but struggles with accuracy on long throws. That is something he will have to learn and he will.

      As for Schaub, What we saw last year is more failure by the entire team than it was him. Every good player has a bad season at some time and last year it was just his turn. He will be fine this year and probably the next.

      I’d be willing to bet that when Carr becomes the starter, we will see the next Ken “Snake” Stabler. I see a lot of similarities in Carr. I think they know more about QBs than you give them credit for. You have to invest a high draft pick on a QB, unless there is another Tom Brady out there we haven’t discovered yet. To throw him right into the fire the way Houston did his brother and several teams have with their rookie QBs just means another wasted pick to me.

      Nah, I’m good with what they are doing with Carr. I think it will prove to be the best thing they can do with him and I’d be willing to bet that Derek is just fine with it too.