Detroit Lions tight end is switching positions


Some of the logjam at tight end that was created when Martin Mayhew drafted Eric Ebron in the first round this year has been cleared up. Last year’s seventh round pick Michael Williams will change positions and become an offensive tackle.

While the fourth tackle position isn’t settled, the tight end position is. The depth chart at tight end consists of Ebron, former first round pick Brandon Pettigrew and last year’s breakout goal line contributor Joseph Fauria. Williams is seen primarily as a blocker so the switch seems natural, it won’t be an easy one for Williams.

Williams will need to put on weight and become familiar with the position, but at least being placed on the practice squad as an option. If he develops into the backup they hope he’ll be Williams will give the Lions a bit more versatility should an injury happen to one of their regular tight ends. His new number will be 73.

Williams did miss the entire 2013 with a broken hand. This opportunity gives his career new life. Anytime a team can get use out of their seventh round picks, it’s a good thing. If it works out, it makes Mayhew’s stellar 2013 draft look even better. Hopefully we look back at 2014’s just as fondly.

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