Weekly Mailbag: What should the Panthers do with Greg Hardy?


It’s that time of the week! Every Wednesday, we will be answering one or more questions submitted to us related to the Carolina Panthers. If you’d like your question answered, tweet us @cover32_CAR. Here’s this week’s question:

“In light of Greg Hardy’s recent arrest, what should the Panthers do with him?”

Simply put, Carolina has to let the process play itself out. If and when Hardy is found guilty in a court of law, general manager Dave Gettleman will most likely cut him. It’s no guarantee that he will be though. There was video of Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fianc√© and now wife after he allegedly beat her and he basically got off scot-free.

If Hardy doesn’t face any legal trouble from this altercation, then the Panthers will assuredly wait until after the season to decide on whether or not they’ll give him a long-term contract after franchising him this offseason. If he comes back with another 15-sack season, Carolina will have to think hard about bringing him back even with these concerns. They could be put in a bad position if Charles Johnson has a disappointing season since there’s a strong chance he’ll be cut after the season¬†either way.

The Panthers’ front office will need to do their due diligence and really look into Hardy as a person to see if this was an isolated incident or a cause for long-term concern. He reportedly gave up the firearms that he had, which was one of the most alarming aspects of this whole story. Ultimately, if they feel okay with him going forward, this could be a blessing in disguise since it may force Hardy to take a lower salary next offseason.

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