All-time Pittsburgh Steelers free-agent signings


Historically not a team to go out and grab the big free agent, the Pittsburgh Steelers made several un-Steeler like acquisitions this offseason—bringing in veterans like wide receiver Lance Moore, running back LeGarrette Blount and safety Mike Mitchell.

Hopefully one, or some, of those players will someday make this list, but as of now, who are the five greatest free-agent signings by the Steelers?

Let’s start:

5 – Kevin Greene

Photo Credit: Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

Greene was the first big-time free agent signing by the Pittsburgh Steelers and he certainly didn’t disappoint.

The linebacker came over to the black and gold in 1993 and was a mainstay of the defense until his departure after the 1995 season.

Greene led the league in sacks in 1994 giving him the honor of playing in the Pro Bowl—a distinction he earned twice (1995) wearing a Steelers uniform.

Compiling 35.5 sacks during his three seasons earns him eighth place honors on the team’s all-time sacks list.

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  • Alex Baldwin

    What about Jerome Bettis. How can you not even list him at all. He should be the best free agant signing ever!!!!!

  • bob graff

    Three misses right off the top of my head. James Harrison, Yancey Thigpen and Ryan Clark

  • Chad Rupert

    Where’s Bettis on this list? At least # 2

  • bob graff

    Ok now for the answer to who is the best free agent signee ever to play for the Steelers, It’s Donnie shell with 51 career int’s and a long list of victims from his torpedo hits in his wake he may very well be the best safety to ever play for the black and gold [sorry Troy] and the numbers prove it. The best question is , Why isn’t he in the H.O.F. ??

    • Jesse

      How is Ryan Clark a miss here? He is number two on this list. Also, the occurring theme here is Free Agents that were acquired from other teams. If it were Pittsburgh’s best Undrafted Free Agents, Donnie, and players such as Willie Parker, would make since, as Shell spent his whole career as a Steeler.

    • Tony Defeo

      Shell was an UDFA. QC was referring to unrestricted free agency that didn’t start until 1993.

  • bob graff

    My bad i missed Clark due to the multiple page. But what i didn’t miss was “all time free agent signings” they are in pretty big letters. A free agent is a free agent

  • Tony Defeo

    When it comes to guys like Yancey Thigpen and James Harrison, I believe they were UDFAs and not true free agent signings, along the lines of a Hartings, Clark and Farrior.