Cleveland’s Brian Hoyer taking Johnny Manziel to school


The quarterback competition in Cleveland is currently a non-issue . Veteran QB Brian Hoyer is kicking some rookie butt, prompting GM Ray Farmer to say that Hoyer is a better quarterback by “by a substantial margin”. But Farmer isn’t the only one piling onto Manziel.

Head coach Mike Pettine went so far as to say the Manziel would have to re-earn his “Johnny Football” nickname.

Where’s the love? This guy is a Heisman Trophy winner, and the Browns used their 22nd overall pick on him. Not since Tim Tebow has a rookie player had a more rabid fanbase (as evidenced by jersey sales, etc). Are they already giving up on him? Why not just go ahead and officially name Hoyer the starter?

There are a couple of reasons for the harsh love given to the college superstar. One is the age-old tradition of putting rookies in their place. Many drafted players were the best player on their college team, but awaken to the reality of being one of the lesser players on an NFL team. In the words of LT Joe Thomas, “rookies are supposed to be seen and not heard.”

But the other reason for the no-holds-barred criticism of Manziel could be the Cleveland organization’s plan to stifle Manziel Mania. By pointing out Johnny’s flaws and areas that need improvement, the Browns want to quiet the vocal contingent of fans that want Manziel to start day one. In theory, this rookie hazing will imbue a little more patience in fans of the rookie as well as to give Manziel himself motivation for improvement. The fact that Manziel actually does have a lot to work on before he’s NFL QB material makes this approach easy.

All that said, the fact that Hoyer is so far ahead of Manziel is nothing to be concerned about, according to Pettine: “It’s just like any other rookie, that he’s just inconsistent.” He went on to say that formations and mechanics are most of the problem, and that “once all that stuff becomes second nature a little bit, he’ll be a lot more comfortable.”

But for now, there really is no QB competition in Cleveland.

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  • VC Evans

    Why did the Cleveland Browns bring in a veteran quarterback (Vince Young), let him tryout for the team, then sign him to a contract, and then cut him before he has a chance to compete, without any explanation…. That only hurt Vince Young and his ability to sign with another team….
    Why would a team do that to a VETERAN quarterback?????

  • Eric Johnson

    That was sort of an interesting move. When they made their run at veterans, signing both Thigpen and Young, perhaps they were not planning on drafting a QB. When Manziel fell like he did, they seized the opportunity to draft him…at the expense of one of the guys they just signed. Young drew the short straw.

  • ripper1fl

    do you really think johnny superbowl wont see the field at all in the 2014 regular season eric?

    • Eric Johnson

      I think that between Hoyer getting injured or Manziel improving himself, there is still a very good chance Manziel plays. Also, keep in mind that if the Browns are 2-6 at the halfway point, Manziel will be put in to shake things up. But if they are 5-3, then Hoyer will start the whole year..

  • DRinaldo

    I am tired of hearing how far ahead of manziel brian hoyer is. For one i dont believe it for an instant. For one Brian Hoyer is coming off of an extensive surgery and is barely aloud to play 11 on 11 football. Your telling me that the 3rd rated quaterback coming out of last season who happens to be injured is leaps and bounds ahead of this rookie quarterback. Maybe in his understand of the game and his experience at this level, but that will taper off as Manziel has more time to learn the ropes, that part wont take so long. But i find it extremely hard to believe farmer actually believes what he said. How is he making that assessment when the quarterback he says is the best isnt even able to practice at full speed. This is clearly a ploy to do something, maybe it is to taper the fan base or put the rookie in his place but it certainly isnt the whole truth, that much is pretty clear.

    • Old Goat

      I am a little tired of hearing about a little puke from some big shot college team thinks he is NFL ready. John Elway, when he came out of college stunk up the place before he played a couple of years. Johnny Manziel is just another big shot college guy that may or may not cut it in the NFL, but he is not NFL ready Brian Hoyer is still the best shot for thye Clowns to become the Browns and get over the one year and you are done mind set.

  • Brandon

    Publically demeaning your employees is never a good idea. Try to justify this all you want but the browns are showing their culture. Their losing culture. Winners simply don’t think this way, they don’t focus on the possibility of failure so much it controls their entire approach. These losers are scared of Manziel because they’re scared of success. I’m so tired of people trying to tell others how to act. It’s the practice of losers.