I hate when Ravens fans disrespect Joe Flacco


Look, it’s time to get something off my chest.

When the Ravens picked Keith Wenning, there were some Ravens “fans” who immediately began heaving criticism at Joe Flacco, and bemoaning his role as starter.  It was, frankly, ridiculous.

Granted, Flacco’s performance last season was pretty damn bad.  There isn’t much you can say to defend his statistics on paper, however when looking deeper, you can decipher the root of the problem being much larger.  It wasn’t just Flacco.  It was the entire offense.  We couldn’t block, and as a result, we couldn’t run.  We couldn’t pass because Flacco didn’t really have anybody he was comfortable throwing to.  And sure, you can make the argument that the great quarterbacks make unknown receivers great with them.  But let’s clear one thing up.

Joe Flacco is not Tom Brady.  He is not Peyton Manning.  But he is one tough quarterback, and he is going to do everything in his power to keep his team in the game.  With a good supporting cast, he can do anything.  His arm is unrivaled.  We saw his potential fulfilled for that Super Bowl run, and let me tell you, if he is saving his best performances for that time of year, some would call that the makings of a legend.

Joe Flacco is the best quarterback in Ravens history, and after experiencing failures like Kyle Boller, Tony Banks and Stoney Case, I for one am more than grateful for the success that the Flacco-era has brought.

And this just in: Joe Flacco’s best years are still ahead of him.  He will do very well in Gary Kubiak’s offense, and with the run game hopefully revitalized, he can really show off his cannon and open up the field on play-action.  So long as we can keep him upright, this is going to be a fun process to watch.

Joe Flacco is here to stay, folks.  Maybe you’re just looking for something to complain about.  In that case, carry on.  It won’t change his demeanor anyways.

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  • Sylvia

    I think Joe is a very good qb and I for one am very glad he’s here. Some people just aren’t satisfied with anything. People are always looking for someone to blame regardless of whether they deserve it or not. Go back and get Elvis Grbac or Kyle Boller and see if they will trade Joe for either of them. I doubt it so they need to shut up and let the man play. 5 winning seasons with playoff wins in each, a SB win, an 8-8 season and they want to complain. Wait and see if he has a losing season before you complain. Just haters that’s all.