Top 10 Moments from the Buffalo Bills 2013 Season: Numbers 1-5


We are looking back at the top 10 moments of the Buffalo Bills 2013 campaign. For moments 6-10 click HERE.

Moment 5: Mario Williams Sack/Fumble @ Miami

The Bills had taken it to Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins in their week 7 match up. As the Bills have come accustomed to they got out to an early lead and slowly but surely let the other team come back. With Miami leading 21-20 and just under 3 minutes to play the Bills got the break they needed, as Tannehill dropped back to pass (why was he passing? brought back JP Losman vs the Jets memories) Mario Williams beat Dolphins RT Tyson Clabo clean off the ball and not only forced the sack but was able to strip the ball out as well. The ball went into the backfield, Kyle Williams attempted to pick it up and run, after not coming up with the ball on his first attempt he smartly fell on the ball and gave the Bills an improbable chance to win it.

Moment 4: Marquise Goodwin 40 yard game tying TD vs. Bengals

Marquise Goodwin scored 3 touchdowns on the season and all 3 look virtually the same. Unique however is he caught his 3 TD’s from 3 different quarterbacks (Thad Lewis-Bengals, Jeff Tuel-Chiefs, EJ Manuel-Jets). All 3 catches were memorable but the most memorable has to be his first. With the Bills trailing by 7 with just over a minute to play Thad Lewis was attempting to force overtime. With the Bills at the Bengals 40 yard line Lewis dropped back, clutched, and then uncorked a long ball down the right sideline. Terrence Newman, either not expecting a deep ball or more likely not realizing just how fast Goodwin is was beat and Marquise made a huge catch to tie the game and force overtime. What I found so interesting about all 3 of Goodwin’s TD’s is when Lewis/Tuel/Manuel release ball the cornerbacks (and against KC the safety as well) have good position on Goodwin, but once Goodwin hits his stride he makes fast people look slow. I for one can’t wait to see him get more reps in 2014.

Moment 3: 11/17/2013 Jets vs. Bills

For the next moment I decided to include the whole game vs. the Jets. The Bills beat down the Jets 37-14 and it could have been worse. The Jets were 5-4 at the time, coming off a bye and had beaten the New Orleans Saints last time they played. Add to the fact that EJ had struggled against the Jets in their first meeting and the Bills would be without number 1 and 2 receivers Stevie Johnson and Robert Woods this game had L written on it. In the battle of rookie QB’s EJ Manuel certainly won this battle with Geno Smith. Geno threw for just over 100 yards and had 3 interceptions (4 turnovers total) including a pick 6. He was pulled by Rex Ryan in favor of Matt Simms in the 4th quarter. On the other side EJ Manuel completed 71% of his passes for 245 yards and 2 TD’s including a picturesque one to Marquise Goodwin. I happen to live in Jets territory so this win was especially satisfying for me.

Moment 2: Dan Carpenter’s game winning FG @ Miami

After the huge Sack/fumble cause by Mario Williams (see moment 5) against the Dolphins the Bills had the ball just outside of comfortable field goal range (Fins 34 yard line) with less than 3 minutes to go, down 21-20. The Bills wanted to get closer obviously for their field goal attempt but also wanted to take time off the clock (the Dolphins still possessed all 3 time outs and the 2 minute warning). So the Bills took to the ground, first down Fred Jackson ran the ball for 1 yard followed by a Fins timeout, 2nd down Jackson took it for 5 yards and another timeout. On 3rd and 4 with 2:37 left to play Jackson was able to go 10 yards down to the 18 yard line, despite being contacted before the first down marker; Fred Jackson did what Fred Jackson does, kept his head down and his legs pumping and was able to will his team to the first down. The Bills ran 3 more plays running the clock down to 36 seconds followed by Dan Carpenter connecting on a 31 yard field goal to give the Bills a 23-21 lead. That should have been the end, but we are the Bills so we held our breath through a long kick return and eventually a Hail Mary attempt but Carpenters kick proved to be the game winning points in a hard fought victory at Miami.

Moment 1: EJ to Stevie for the game winning TD vs. Carolina

Was there ever any doubt about this one? In week 2 with the Bills trailing 23-17 with 1:38 to play and no timeouts EJ Manuel led the Bills down the field. After a pass interference call and a EJ Manuel run down to the 2 yard line the Bills were facing a 1st and goal from the 2 yard line with 6 seconds to play. The Bills had ran a route earlier in the game on a 2 point conversion attempt where the slot receiver ran a corner route, combined with the outside receiver running almost a cross between an In and a slant route. On the 2 point attempt the Bills threw to the in breaking receiver (Robert Woods) and completed the two point play. So with 6 seconds left the Bills line up in a similar formation, only this time the receivers were to the left of the formation, with Stevie Johnson in the slot and Chris Hogan on the outside. As the play started Chris Hogan broke inside as Woods did earlier and both his defender and the defensive back covering Stevie broke with him, leaving Stevie by himself in the back of the end zone. Even though it was a simple catch, due to the gravity of the situation and the memories of the 2010 Pittsburgh game or the 2011 Jets game this was huge. The Ralph erupted with the last second win (although we did have to suffer through another Hail Mary attempt, this team is bad for my heart lol)

Agree/disagree with any of the above moments; did I miss one of your favorite moments from 2013? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @TVandyH20

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