Breaking down the game film of Carolina Panthers’ first round pick Kelvin Benjamin


By now, fans of the Carolina Panthers have probably read the scouting reports and minicamp coverage of Kelvin Benjamin, the team’s first round pick at wide receiver. Every site that can get an article out is talking about how well the Benjamin did at the rookie minicamp and how physical of a player he is. Every site and every expert has put out a different scouting report on him over the last several months; unfortunately, I’ve never been one to take the word of “experts” too seriously, so this is my evaluation of Kelvin Benjamin.

I watched film from four games: Clemson, Duke, Florida, N.C. State

Benjamin is obviously a huge target, but unlike some bigger receivers he doesn’t just rely on that to make catches. He attacks the ball, sometimes unnecessarily jumping to try and get it at its highest point. With 35-inch arms and 10-inch hands, no corner is going to outreach him if he focuses. Unfortunately, he had a lot of drops in college, even in crucial situations. Wide receivers coach Ricky Proehl is going to have to really work with him on his hands. It isn’t a problem of inability, he has huge hands and can make some terrific catches, but for a big guy he seems to be always preparing for a hit when he goes up for the ball. It doesn’t always affect his reach for the ball, but you can often see him looking around or down for defenders as he makes the catch. He isn’t afraid to be hit or go over the middle right at a linebacker, but he needs to further that courage by teaching himself to keep his eyes on the ball all the way through the progression. It also bugs me that he seemingly never holds the ball to his chest after catching it.

The Good

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