Top 5: Odd Predictions for Colts in 2014


Just like every season, 2014 is going to bring a long list of unexpected things that people much like myself love writing about. Sometimes they are good things, others not so much. Before you read any further, I just wanted to clarify that I am not physic. That being said, I am also not evil so I, being of sound body and mind need to say: Spoiler Alert! If you do not want to know the fun headlines you will be reading about later in the year, stop reading now. You have been warned.

1. Andrew Luck will be praised for his playmaking in the fourth quarter

Indianapolis quarterbacks have a tradition of mounting spectacular fourth quarter comebacks.

This is especially true for Mr. Andrew Luck. In his two years in the league, Andrew Luck has led the Colts to eight fourth quarter comebacks and eleven game-winning drives. The majority of these were in his rookie season. This is not too surprising considering the team that Luck inherited.

The season prior, Indianapolis finished with a dreadful 2-14 record which provided them the first overall pick. The Colts drafted Luck in the hopes that he could fill the shoes of Peyton Manning. Manning has long been praised for his late game winning drives, before leaving Manning must have left Luck a handbook of the Manning secrets of saving the day. Luck was fortunate enough to only use his gift four times last season. However, the Colts do not have the same defense and this will mean that Luck will have even more chances to impress in the fourth quarter since Indianapolis will give up more points to their opponents.

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  • Randy Weddle

    T?he Colts have a ton of offense, the question is how will their defense play