Top 5: Odd Predictions for Colts in 2014


2. Robert Mathis’ suspension will be discussed longer than the actual suspension

One of the biggest headlines of the off-season for the Colts has been about the four game suspension of Robert Mathis.

Mathis led the league in sacks last year with 19.5 sacks. This was reportedly due to a fertility drug that was prescribed by a doctor; Mathis was told that it would not affect his required testing for any banned substances in the NFL.

Unfortunately this was not the case and Mathis was slapped with a four game suspension. This is going to cause an issue for Indianapolis due to the fact that the opposing offensive lines will not have to worry about the elite pass rushing that Mathis brings to the Colts.

The question of who will replace Mathis is still unanswered and will probably change until his return. With his absence as well as an already questionable defense, Indianapolis will struggle and it will cause a trickle effect even after his return and gets back into game speed.

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  • Randy Weddle

    T?he Colts have a ton of offense, the question is how will their defense play