Top 5: Odd Predictions for Colts in 2014


3. The Colts will come in second place in the AFC South

This is a tough topic. The Indianapolis Colts dominated the AFC South last season, and have won 11 games in each of the last two seasons.

At the end of the 2012 season, the Colts’ 11 wins were not enough to beat the Texans and placed second in the division. Last season was a completely different story as the Texans fell from grace like Icarus after he flew too close to the sun. The problem for the Texans was not a lack of talent, but rather an issue of players staying healthy.

This year the Texans added another potentially great defensive end, JaDaveon Clowney. Not only will the Texans defense be causing offenses problems, but they will also have Arian Foster back. The quarterback situation is still a problem that needs solving, but with their work horse running back returning, the problem might not be as big of an issue as it was last season.

There is also the underrated Tennessee Titans that could make a case to steal the division championship away despite losing Chris Johnson. Jake Locker showed great improvement in the latter half of the season and the Titans might just be able to sneak in and shock some people.

The Jaguars on the other hand had many off the field issues in the off-season, and used their third overall pick on Blake Bortles. The Jaguars will need a couple of seasons before they are a true contender in the South.

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  • Randy Weddle

    T?he Colts have a ton of offense, the question is how will their defense play