Top 5: Odd Predictions for Colts in 2014


5. The Colts will break 2,000 yards rushing

It has been an entire decade since Indianapolis topped 1,800 yards rushing the ball.

During the 2004 season Edgerrin James led the Colts with 1,548 yards on the ground and Indianapolis would finish the year with 1,852 total rushing yards. That has been the closest that Indianapolis would come to 2000 yards in 20 years; back when Marshal Faulk was a rookie leading the team to a total of 2060 by contributing 1282 yards himself.

This upcoming season Trent Richardson will have a breakout year now that he has learned the offense and will be more comfortable than he was when he was traded mid-season. If Ahmad Bradshaw and Vick Ballard can stay healthy, they will be able to provide Richardson the compliment that he needs.

In addition to the running backs, Indianapolis also has wide receivers, such as T.Y. Hilton, that can run the ball on sweeps and other plays. The Colts also have a quarterback that many underrate as a scrambler. Andrew Luck has rushed for 632 yards in his two seasons in the league and can add a couple hundred yards to help push Indianapolis over the 2,000 yard hump.

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  • Randy Weddle

    T?he Colts have a ton of offense, the question is how will their defense play