Which Houston Texan rookie is being labeled as a bust?


Cover32’s very own Carl Pfeiffer is at it again with another intriguing piece of this year’s “Five biggest busts from the 2014 NFL draft class.” To read the full article, click here.

Quite surprisingly, the first overall pick by the Houston Texans, Jadeveon Clowney, found his name on the list. Much to the chagrin of many Texans fans, here’s some of the words Pfeiffer had to say:

“Clowney has bust written all over him. Lousy work ethic, off field issues, reports that he was tanking it last season, and a guy labeled the next great pass rusher who logged three sacks last year at South Carolina.”

Very strong words, as Clowney was often hyped as a once-in-a-decade prospect where he was also regarded as the best and most talented player in the draft this upcoming season. But Pfeiffer doesn’t believe he will pan out.

Clowney has a chance to prove himself immediately, but it’s going to take at least three years to see how accurate Pfeiffer’s take on Clowney was.

One thing is for sure: We can only hope that Pfeiffer is wrong.


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