Commissioner Roger Goodell's thoughts on a new Bills stadium is complete garbage


At the spring league meetings that were held recently in Atlanta, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell continued to flap his gums about Buffalo needing a new stadium in order for the Buffalo Bills to “be successful”. At the meeting he had these wonderful words of wisdom to share with everyone:

“They are making improvements to the stadium and I think those are positive in the short term. But we all know this lease is 10 years and we have to look well beyond that for this franchise to continue to be successful in western New York.”

Goodell is pretty much saying that a if the Bills don’t build a new stadium then that is pretty much going to result in us fans no longer supporting our team because the stadium that we know, love and hold so dearly to our hearts is going to drive us all away. He seems to honestly believe that us fans are going to say “yeah, I cant buy tickets to the game this week because our stadium is too old for me, call me when we get a new one”

Hearing Goodell’s thoughts on this makes me feel like I’m taking crazy pills! Is he so delusional and insane that he thinks a billion dollar stadium is going to make people go to games? I have never heard anyone say “I know they are a really bad team but they just built that new stadium a few years back so I just had to spend $500 for me and the family to go!”, Hell no!  The key to getting people to go to games is having a winning team and the fact that Buffalo has had a losing team for the last decade and a half and still manages to sell out games is something a new stadium could never buy.

If you want this franchise to “continue to be successful in western new york” then no stadium on earth is going to influence that what so ever. I don’t care if you have a museum of live aliens in your stadium, the Bills success ultimately depends on their fans. Bills fans are crazy about their team and no stadium or even season record is going to change that. If you want the Bills to be so successful Goodell then how about showing them a little bit more prime-time love? Give Buffalo a Monday night game at the Ralph and then go ask those fans that show up if they need a new stadium.

Why Roger Goodell is so insistent on us having a new stadium is something that needs to be seriously looked at closely, there is without a doubt something in it for him. He says its important in order to sell the team, but there is no shortage of interested buyers. He says its important for the continued success of the franchise, but the Buffalo Bills have one of the most passionate and loyal fan base on the planet. So what is it that Roger Goodell will gain from a new multimillion (if not billion) dollar stadium? Money! Lots and lots of money! while giving no second thought to those of us that have supported and made this franchise what it is today. Rest assured that none of this has anything to do with actual Bills fans who go to every game rain, snow or shine, those people are actually an afterthought in this whole situation.

The NFL wants more money and when king Goodell speaks the entire league jumps to their feet and mindlessly follows whatever direction he points at. The Ralph is currently undergoing millions of dollars in renovations and I have to ask why? Why the hell are we putting so much money into something we want to abandon as soon as possible?

The Bills don’t need a new stadium, the Bills need a better team and from what I see they are well on their way to obtaining that. No stadium on earth is going to make more people go to the games of a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in fifteen years. Seems like Goodell truly cares about this team as he gives us our one mandatory prime-time game per season and insist that those fans that show up at the Ralph every Sunday are not enough for the continued success of this team. What do you think?

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  • Glenn

    For a man from WNY HIMSELF… I’ll be the first to make sure he is NEVER welcomed home again! Jamestown is a southern tier, rural humble community. He is leaving his roots on a farm in Jamestown and taking his $40 million. SELLOUT!

  • Bman

    As a former season ticket holder, the stadium has never kept me from a game. The talent has though. I actually love the stadium.

  • Hugh

    It’s not about drawing fans to the game. It’s about image and marketing the NFL – making $$$. Goodell’s comments are right on, even if we don’t like what he’s saying. We have to get out of the mentality that because we are loyal fans the NFL will keep the team here. Separate what happens on the field from what happens in the board room. Other cities are going to throwing new stadiums at the new owners and the league. Our current set-up won’t stand a chance.

    • Chris

      Hugh, you are right on. Bills fans must separate their passion and loyalty for the team from the reality of the NFL being a business and about making money.

    • Mike Guittar

      People don’t go to games for $350 for a season ticket, the solution has to be getting a new stadium, jacking up ticket prices, then letting everything else sort itself out. Great business advice!

  • James Kriger

    Well I simply don’t believe that, bring a winning team to Buffalo and no stadium will stand in the way of selling that thing out every week

  • Chris

    Goodell is right, the team does need a new stadium. They cant film the team in Hi Def at the Ralph because it doesn’t have the necessary wiring for the cabling to film the game in Hi Def. Plus they’d need new suites in order for the new owner to be able to generate higher profits off those ticket sales. Be honest, walk ups aren’t going to keep the franchise afloat. Plus a roofed stadium offers the opportunity to possibly get a Super Bowl (Minnesota just got one, again!) and a new stadium can help spur development of newer hotels (listening Tom Brady) and other facilities.

    • Mike Guittar

      I know I absolutely hate when I see footage from our games and it’s not in HD! This is the most ridiculos thing I’ve ever seen someone believe. Tom Brady complained about a hotel because his team chose to stay at that hotel, what on earth does that have to do with our stadium??? There are Hilton’s in town, they chose to not stay there. Aside from those two absurd statements, they are renovating the suites that I’m sure you’ve never seen but are speculating about because that’s your gimmick.

  • rob

    I’ve been a bills fan for 25 years and never been to buffalo, tho I would love to one day and I’d love to go to Ralph stadium. Goodell is ruining the sport of football… He is a worthless douche and you know he’s not doing anything for the good of anyone but himself

  • Shawn

    I think Goodell is trying to give us a hint. The Ralph has become a money pit and all these renovations are just putting a band aid over a gash. Without a new stadium the Bills will be gone and there will be nobody to blame but us and our traditional sitting and complaining while doing nothing.

  • James Kriger

    Bull fucking shit Goodell is giving us a hint, the Ralph has become a place we Bills fans love and hold dearly to our hearts. you will never convince me that without a new stadium us loyal fans will stop supporting the team, if anything having the tradition of going there is keeping this team alive, you sir are stupid!

    • Hugh

      Appreciate your passion, but the NFL is a business. Passion isn’t a motivator. The Ralph is inadequate for the NFL by 2014 standards and if our strategy as a community ends up being hoping that the NFL will “do the right thing,” we’re in for a very rude awakening. And just to be clear, by the NFL’s standards in business terms, “loyal” means no black-outs in December. If loyalty is what fans want Buffalo to bring to the NFL as an argument to keep the team, we’d better strengthen that argument.

      • Mike Guittar

        Say you own a restaurant you rent for $1,500 and you have average meals at $9.00 and can fit a maximum occupancy of 150 people, but you only get about 50 people in to eat at a time. You have trouble getting people in because your food isn’t as good as the food down the street. You decide to go to a different location that’s a huge upgrade, you pay $2,500 a month, can only fit 100 people and because of the price need to increase average meal to $15.00. Are you now viable?

  • James Kriger

    well if that’s the case then Jacksonville with their sectioned off seating in order to “sell out” games should have been banished from the league a long time ago.

  • Jeff

    First of all you’re putting all this on what Goodell says. He is a puppet for the owners. He works for all 32 NFL owners. It’s what the owners want. The amount of money that owners get is shared revenue. The greed of the owners is off the charts. It’s not enough that the Bills profited 54 million from last season (higher than 7 other teams mind you) It’s about how much more money they can make from moving to Toronto. Think about it. The t.v. money alone which currently covers about 93% of the salary cap before selling one ticket, jersey, hotdog etc… Now add the Canada market. That’s how much more money. This is all about greed and always has been. The old school owners including Ralph Wilson knew that by helping each other within the league, the league would do very well. The “toolbag” owners today don’t care about anything but more. It’s a disgrace.