Chris Mortenson: Ray Rice will be suspended


Chris Mortenson, an analyst and reporter for ESPN’s NFL Insider, commented on the Ray Rice saga, and he believes Rice and the Ravens should expect some reprimand to be handed down by the league office — especially when taking into account the rumors that Rice’s punch was caught on video.

This is not necessarily “news,” per se, due to Roger Goodell’s persistence in trying to protect the league image.  If there is indeed video of the punch, and that video goes public, then there would be no choice on Goodell’s part.  The TMZ elevator video is already pretty damning.

The expectation by most would be league punishment, even now that (and maybe especially because) Rice avoided any formal court case or jail time.  The length of the suspension is what has been subjected to the most speculation, with it ranging mostly within the 1-4 game range.  If Mortenson is right, this would put it on the more serious side of things from the league office’s perspective.

Now the question becomes, where do the Ravens turn for their running back production?

Bernard Pierce is recovering from offseason surgery to his rotator cuff, and won’t be back until training camp.  Fourth round selection Lorenzo Taliaferro has been praised in all facets of his game, and the coaches clearly feel he is a good fit for Kubiak’s scheme.  Lastly, Justin Forsett is already familiar with Kubiak from his days in Houston, and has shown the ability to produce when given chances.

Who do you think will get the most carries in Ray Rice’s absence?

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