Drew Brees retirement talk may not be a simple joke


A new commercial poses the question a lot of Saints fans have been asking for the last couple years, how much longer will quarterback Drew Brees be able to sustain excellence?

The ad, which is for a motorcycle, features Brees deciding to retire in order work around a clause in his contract that doesn’t allow him to ride motorcycles. He then pulls a Brett Favre and un-retires after taking a trip around the block.

Brees has publicly said the retirement talk is all in jest, “I’ve been so focused on the job at hand, I haven’t thought about that,” he said during a series of interviews promoting Can-Am Spyder. “I think about playing well and winning as many games as possible, and that takes all by focus. And as long as I’m healthy and can play at a high level, I want to keep going. I think I can play five-plus years, into my 40s. That would be incredible if I can reach that point. But for now it’s one year at a time.”

He’s saying all the right things, but the Who Dat Nation knows he isn’t getting any younger. Luckily for Brees, recent history supports his claim to continue playing well into his late-30’s and even 40’s (Peyton Manning, Brett Favre), but Brees also has a much more extensive injury history.

So what do we think? Is the retirement talk all in jest or is the idea of walking away beginning to look attractive to number nine? Comment below with your thoughts!

Watch the commercial that sparked the debate here:


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  • Neer Shah

    Manning had a huge injury scare that threatened to derail his career (much like Brees), and he’s still amazing despite the age. That bodes well for Drew & WhoDat Nation.

  • Irv

    Except Manning it 6’5″ and is a much better technical QB than Brees.

  • old man richard

    drew breeze saved my life as a saints fan. 20 years of saints let downs now I feel good watching my saints play, and even won the super bowl

  • Brian

    I love brees and hope he and eli can continue on they road to success they are two great QBs