Quotable Monday: GM Farmer reveals his approach to personnel decisions


GM Ray Farmer has been both lauded and cursed for his first NFL draft, a draft that saw some needs addressed, others unaddressed, and several good-value picks. Last week, Farmer explained how he picks players for the Cleveland Browns’ roster. It’s not based on talents or rankings, but a very simple attitude:

“Guys that aren’t naturally competitive are guys we really don’t want in the building. When you feel the pressure behind you and in front of you, it makes you raise your level of performance.”

Farmer went on to give his ultimate goal for the Browns’ roster.

“My goal is for everybody to really take on the vision, the dedication and the purpose that the coaching staff is setting forward: Which is to win.”

Easy enough for an NFL GM to say – would anyone say that they want a team who is satisfied not winning? But Farmer is talking the talk. Let’s see if he (and more importantly, his team) can walk the walk.


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