Quotable Monday – Mike Glennon content with his role in Tampa


“It was communicated a while ago both with Lovie and Jason. We sat down and they discussed what the plans were for Josh moving forward and they told me this all along, that I was their guy moving forward. Right now, it’s a different situation with Josh here, but they told me this for a while now, that this was the plan, this is what’s going to happen and I’m looking forward to this season still competing and helping the team in any way I can and just following their lead.”
-Mike Glennon

Despite playing well last year, Mike Glennon seemed to be the odd man out in Tampa Bay when Lovie Smith talked about drafting a quarterback with the Bucs first pick in a combine press conference. In free agency, Smith and GM Jason Licht grabbed veteran backup Josh McCown, what looked like a sign from the gods that Glennon’s future was with a different team.

In the same circumstances, many other players might have gotten very vocal with the media, creating controversy and tension throughout the organization. But Glennon didn’t speak up or act out, he just continued to enjoy his offseason quietly. Now we have a better understanding of why. There’s a reason Lovie Smith has been in the league as long as he has and was able to snatch up the head coaching job in Tampa Bay so quickly.

Smith kept an open line of communication with Glennon and made good on his promises by not reaching for Johnny Manziel. Instead, he drafted to make Glennon’s future as best as it possibly could be. He has talented young weapons in Mike Evans, Austin Seferian-Jenkins, and Charles Sims. Doug Martin only has two NFL seasons under his belt, and so while Glennon might not start this year, he’s the guy Smith and Licht want to build around.

The success of some rookie quarterbacks (Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, and Cam Newton) has lead to the forced start of others (Ryan Tannehill, Christian Ponder, and Brandon Weeden). Even though Glennon has starting experience, it’s silly to think he can’t improve by learning more about the game and getting better at the mental side of playing quarterback. As much as the Bucs have reshaped this organization, a Superbowl isn’t likely next year. Allow Glennon to grow so that once he takes the reigns he can hit the ground running.

While some may find fault in how passive Mike Glennon is acting regarding his role, it’s difficult to follow a quarterback who makes waves. Tom Brady had to endure a season where Jabar Gaffney was arguably his best receiver, but he still did his job without disruption. Glennon is showing maturity at a young age by accepting his role, if he can capitalize on whatever opportunity he eventually gets, he can succeed in Tampa Bay. Apparently, that’s been Lovie Smith’s plan all along.

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