Power Rankings: Minnesota Vikings have second worst Super Bowl odds in NFL


Last week Las Vegas released a new set of odds for each NFL team to win the Super Bowl, prompting degenerates all over the world to start debating the bets they liked best going into 2014. We did a piece on the 10 best value bets to win it all, teams who are 40-1 or worse, but if everything went right, could take home the ultimate prize.

Does every single team have a chance to be the top dog? Probably not, but at least the NFL is much better in that department than a league like the NBA. You can easily make a case for half the teams to win the Super Bowl, but in the NBA, before the year starts, it’s a stretch to see more than five teams winning the championship.

So, the editors at cover32 gathered to assemble this week’s Power Rankings, rating each NFL team from one to 32 based on their chances of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in Glendale next year. An important distinction to keep in mind is these are not traditional Power Rankings, as we did those two weeks ago.

For example, a team like the St. Louis Rams is going to be higher in that format, because they’re a pretty solid squad. On this list, though, they won’t be ranked as well because their chances just aren’t that great. Playing in a division like the NFC West hinders their shot at even making the playoffs, let alone being the lone survivor at the end of year.

With that in mind, to see today’s results based solely on odds to win the Super Bowl, click here.

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