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Last week Las Vegas released a new set of odds for each NFL team to win the Super Bowl, prompting degenerates all over the world to start debating the bets they liked best going into 2014. We did a piece on the 10 best value bets to win it all, teams who are 40-1 or worse, but if everything went right, could take home the ultimate prize.

Does every single team have a chance to be the top dog? Probably not, but at least the NFL is much better in that department than a league like the NBA. You can easily make a case for half the teams to win the Super Bowl, but in the NBA, before the year starts, it’s a stretch to see more than five teams winning the championship.

So, the editors at cover32 gathered to assemble this week’s Power Rankings, rating each NFL team from one to 32 based on their chances of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in Glendale next year. An important distinction to keep in mind is these are not traditional Power Rankings, as we did those two weeks ago.

For example, a team like the St. Louis Rams is going to be higher in that format, because they’re a pretty solid squad. On this list, though, they won’t be ranked as well because their chances just aren’t that great. Playing in a division like the NFC West hinders their shot at even making the playoffs, let alone being the lone survivor at the end of year.

With that in mind, here are today’s results based solely on odds to win the Super Bowl.


1. Seattle Seahawks (Vegas odds: 6.5-1) - Even though they’re (barely) not the favorites, how can you not like Seattle’s chances of repeating? The Seahawks locked down several key members of the defense with long-term deals this offseason and are a team with supreme confidence heading into 2014.

2. San Francisco 49ers (Vegas odds: 8.5-1) - If two plays go differently the last two years, the Niners could be defending back-to-back champions right now. It feels like this season might be the one Kap, Harbaugh and Co. finally break through — bringing a title back to the Bay Area.

3. Denver Broncos (Vegas odds: 6-1) - Yes, the Super Bowl was an utter disaster, but there’s a compelling case to be made the Broncos simply had a bad day. With a re-loaded defense, Peyton Manning back for another year and a chip on their shoulder, there’s a reason Denver’s the favorite in Vegas.

4. New England Patriots (Vegas odds: 10-1) - They’ve been so close so many times the last several years, it wouldn’t shock anyone if this is the season New England ends up back on top. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have to win one more before it’s all said and done, right?

5. New Orleans Saints (Vegas odds: 18-1) - The key for the Saints is going to be getting the No. 1 seed in the NFC and making sure the playoffs go through the Superdome. If that happens, they’re as good a pick as anyone to be victorious in Arizona and bring another title to The Big Easy.

6. Green Bay Packers (Vegas odds: 14-1) - The Packers nearly knocked off the Niners in the playoffs a season ago, and if Aaron Rodgers doesn’t get hurt in the regular season, they get a better seed in the NFC and avoid that match-up altogether. Translation: If Rodgers plays all of 2014, they’re not a bad bet to win it all.

7. Indianapolis Colts (Vegas odds: 25-1) - Andrew Luck was able to win a playoff game a season ago and the next step is for him to lead the Colts on a deep postseason run. Luck might only be entering his third season, but 25-1 seems like good odds for the team of a surefire future star.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers (Vegas odds: 32-1) - Big Ben’s already won two, so he knows how to get it done in January and February. Wouldn’t it be fitting for the Steelers to get their third title in the last nine years when no one’s really talking about them anymore? This is a great value.

9. Philadelphia Eagles (Vegas odds: 30-1) - Nick Foles is the best quarterback in the NFL that might not be a household name just yet. If he and Chip Kelly can continue to lead the Eagles to big time success on offense, the defense might have just enough for this not to be that crazy.

10. Chicago Bears (Vegas odds: 25-1) - Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall are both ready to prove they can win in the postseason, while Alshon Jeffery could be the next Calvin Johnson. If the Bears can get hot at the right time next year, they can absolutely be Super Bowl champions.

11. Atlanta Falcons (Vegas odds: 52-1) - This might seem a bit high, but a healthy Falcons team was a play or two away from going to the big game the season before last. Don’t sleep on Atlanta’s trio of stars in Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Roddy White — it’s not too hard to envision them hoisting the trophy.

12. Arizona Cardinals (Vegas odds: 50-1) - If they can steal a game in San Francisco or Seattle and bump one of those two down in the NFC West standings, the Cardinals are a major sleeper. Plus, if they made it to the Super Bowl, it’d be a home game — the first in NFL history.

13. New York Giants (Vegas odds: 40-1) - The Giants, much like the Steelers, could absolutely come out of nowhere and win their third title in recent history. You have to think both Eli Manning and Victor Cruz have bounce back years in them, priming New York for one more run at the ultimate prize.

14. Dallas Cowboys (Vegas odds: 48-1) – With all the Tony Romo jokes and punch lines, it’s easy to forget the QB is actually really good. Dallas has found so many crazy ways to lose over the last handful of years, maybe 2014 is finally the season it all comes together for America’s (old?) team.

15. Carolina Panthers (Vegas odds: 40-1) - The Seahawks won a title with an elite defense a season ago, so why can’t the Panthers do it as well? Cam Newton might be a better QB than Russell Wilson, DeAngelo Williams is a very good running back and Riverboat Ron loves to silence his doubters.

16. San Diego Chargers (Vegas odds: 50-1) - The Chargers are similar to the Cowboys in the sense chance after chance has passed them by over the years, but the window still might not be closed. Philip Rivers has been rejuvenated by Mike McCoy and there are a lot of reasons to like San Diego.


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  1. I wouldn’t give these odds any credence as the Vikings just seem to have been picked by the media this year as being worse than Jacksonville ,Tennessee, New York, Tampa Bay, et al. Those teams haven’t done much the last two years but at least the Vikings made the ’12 playoffs, kind of. Now, this is a better, stronger , more athletic team with better talent who won’t get pushed around on the line this year like last. It is unbelievable the Vikings are at the bottom of the Vegas odds for this season, seemingly disregarding without acknowledgement the addition of Zimmer, Turner, Bridgewater, Barr, Crichton Joseph, Wooton, Brinkley, Munnerlyn, Exum, and of course A.D. and Patterson who are poised to dominate the league in rushing and receiving, respectively. Who is more elusive and speedy with the ball than Patterson? And A.D. The Vikings will surprise everybody again this season like in ’12 but with the great difference being that this team will have substance, strength, better depth, top coaching and play calling , an influx of what looks like could be future elite talent in plenty of the draft picks, and a heart.

  2. This is a better team by far just by releasing Cook. He was constantly targeted because every team we played knew he had the league’s highest opposing QB comp.% rate against him. I’d like to know who the football genius is that thought he was a starter for three miserable years. Most team mgt. would have had him outta there way before all the losses piled up, to which he had a big part in, by mid-season. Zimmer and Turner will not let these mismatched players hang around anymore. If Cook didn’t have it together with all the talk of his “athleticism”, than it stands to reason he didn’t have his heart in it. The Vikings have been truly disrespected this year (again) with no acknowledgment of all the roster additions of Crichton, Wooton, Yankey, Joseph, Munnerlyn, Barr, Bridgewater, Exum, McKinnon, Zimmer , Turner, and Patterson and A,D, who are poised to break out and lead the league in receiving and rushing, respectively. And lets not forget ’12′s Pro Bowl MVP Rudolph. The Vikings have enough elite talent, maybe just enough, mixed with what Zimmer and Turner can do to mold all the others into a cohesive team.I like it when the Vikings can sneak up on people in the season, virtually unnoticed and way off the radar. It’s a great advantage and fate, just as it was fate ,I feel, that Bridgewater started as the #1 pick for QB and slid because of a sequence of events ( see missing glove) so the Vikings could get him. It was so meant to be. VIKINGS!

  3. Seahawkrocks

    As long as Seattle has Russell Wilson, they are my favorite. I just adore him. I hope he notices me here when the time is right.

  4. gary blanco

    Kapernick in the superbowl threw to Crabtree in the final seconds, failed the completion and repeated the same performance in the nfc.west with the same results. when interviewed Kap made the comment he had Crabtree one on one and would take that play every time. forget that he blew both passes, its his read on the situation. He had time to make three more plays if he wasnt intercepted but he says he would take that play every time- he dosnt learn and then theres his ball turnover… no I think the Niners will be further down on the list

  5. @ robb……. you’re delusional if you think the Vikings win more than 7 games this year and that’s being generous. @ gary…….. I agree wholeheartedly with your take on Kapernick. I think he shows himself for the Tebow he is this year. Of all these teams listed I think the Bears are the furthest rank from their 2014-15 potential given the pickups in the offseason and the offense they showed last year ( Had that defense been able to get off the field once in a while) they are easily switching spots with Green Bay at the least Rodgers or no Rodgers

  6. @harry I didn’t realize the bears were the only team that signed free agents and drafted guys. Try to remember the still have cutler as qb, who is prone to bone head mistakes. (I think he is the third best at his position in the division) they did appear to get better on their d line, but still weak at 2 spots in lb core (not talking about Briggs) didn’t address safety (m d Jennings will make chris conte look like a pro bowler) and you’re getting older at cb.

  7. I’d give Detroit a 1-1 chance they don’t even make the playoffs. 40-1 chance to win the SB !?!??! Should be 400,000,000-1. SOL:::: Same Ole Lions. Sucksucksuck.