Competition will be fierce in the Denver Broncos backfield

Credit: Mark J. Rebllas

For a team that expects to enter the season as the best offense in the league, there sure are a lot of question marks surrounding the running back position.

All we know for sure is that Montee Ball is going to play a big role, but that still leaves a lot to be answered.

In this day and age, a team can not rely on just one running back to carry the load, no matter how great he is. This means that someone is going to have step up and be that secondary back; and, right now, that could be just about anybody.

Apart from Ball, who was a second-round pick last year, Ronnie Hillman is the only other running back on the Broncos roster to have been drafted. This might seem like an advantage, but after last season’s fumbling woes, Hillman is going to have to regain the organization’s trust before he steps back out onto the field.

Many are expecting – if not hoping – that C.J. Anderson will end up being the back to step up this preseason. Anderson was a camp standout last season, making the 53-man roster as an undrafted free agent, even after suffering a serious injury that kept him out much of the year. He may not have elite athleticism, but Anderson has shown that he simply knows how to run the football.

This year, the Broncos have brought in three more undrafted free agent running backs, and there is a serious chance that at least one of them will make the final roster.

Kapri Bibbs, a Colorado favorite out of Colorado State University, might have the best chance of the bunch at making the team. He lead the nation in rushing touchdowns last year, with 31, proving that he undoubtedly has a nose for the end zone.

The Broncos will also look at Brennan Clay and Juwan Thompson, two running backs with the speed and agility to serve as a change-of-pace back behind Ball.

All that being said, at this point last year, we also thought Ball was going to slide right into the starting role, but that obviously didn’t pan out. Knowshon Moreno, who spent much of the 2012 season in the dog house, busted out of the gate and cemented himself as the Broncos starting running back. A feat that Hillman is no doubt looking to replicate.

There’s not much point in trying to predict who will emerge from this group, especially before we’ve seen a single training camp practice. The best thing we can do is enjoy the competition.

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  • armando

    And there is also the very real possibility that we pursue a vet RB to provide experience and depth at the position.