Dwight Lowery: “A” for effort


If you’re taking classes for the summer, reading the material, studying for tests, you are not alone. Did you ever think football players have to do the same? Even your very own Atlanta Falcons.

It’s true. Dwight Lowery of the Atlanta Falcons has some studying to do of his own. Lowery has played in the NFL for six years. Now with a new team, a new defense has to be learned.

According to espn.go.com, Lowery says he was studying the Falcons film before he signed a one-year, $760,000 contract with the team.  He saw strength in strong safety William Moore, who needed help in the backfield. He saw potential with the Falcons’ young cornerbacks-Desmond Trufant, Robert Alford, and Robert McClain- all three, young and athletic with room to grow.  He also looked at Paul Worrilow, who was one of the stars of the 2013 season, as a rookie with a great deal of promise for the future who “played well beyond his undrafted stats.”

Lowery also noticed the flaws in the Falcon’s defense stating players didn’t seem to know what was happening or they responded to late, or hesitated. He also point out tackling was an issue, as we saw Thomas DeCoud struggling in that department the past couple of years.

Tackling seems to be the main area the coaches want to address this season.  The Falcons don’t need someone to be their “saving grace,” they just need someone consistent.  On paper, Lowery looks good- he’s got the size and the speed to catch the offense and make a big play, he has experience- having played in two consecutive AFC Championship games, playing against veterans like Peyton Manning and opposite veterans like Brett Farve, and having learned from playing across of one of the best defensive backs in the league, Darelle Revis. But he has suffered a few concussions throughout his career, one taking him out of the season last year with the Jaguars.

But given his background, Lowery doesn’t expect to be handed the starting position, nor does he want a concussion to be a concern amongst his playing ability. Lowery says he simply wants come into the team and be a part of the solution to the Falcons’ defensive woes.

Lowery knows the game. He knows what to look for from a receiver and take advantage of the situation. He knows where to line up and he’s focused- focused on solely playing safety to help his team win. And that’s what is all comes down to for Lowery.

“That’s the bottom line. . . I just want to be a part of and contribute to a winning team.” –Dwight Lowery, espn.go.com.

While we haven’t seen him in action yet, until the season comes to head, I’d give Lowery a grade “A” for effort thus far in preparing himself for what lies ahead.

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