Grade Day: Charlie Whitehurst gets an inconclusive for losing his number to Brett Kern


UPDATE: Jim Wyatt has ruined our fun.

Titans backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst arrived in Tennessee earlier this summer with the punter, Brett Kern, holding his No. 6.

In order to get the number from Kern, Whitehurst allegedly had to arm wrestle the punter. It didn’t quite go as planned.

(via Whitehurst’s Instagram account @cwhitey6)

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 3.49.48 PM


Kern later took to Titans beat writer Paul Kuharsky’s radio show to spill more of the story:

I’d be interested to see that video should it come available. It’s a bit embarrassing for an NFL quarterback, who relies on his arm strength to throw the ball, to lose an arm-wrestling match to a punter.

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