Grade Day: Sammy Watkins dedication to Buffalo puts him at the head of the class


Sammy Watkins Dedication to Buffalo:


Any community would like to welcome a rookie like Sammy Watkins into their franchise, as he brings more than great football skills to the table.

Watkins has a true football player’s heart, showing his appreciation for those who paved the way for players like him in the game today. Starting with Sammy’s unexpected hospital visit to see Jim Kelly, a man he does not know but knows of him. Judging from the smiles in the photograph one would think they have known each other for years.

The prized rookie then went on to sign up for the Jim Kelly football camp this summer, furthering his commitment to helping out the Buffalo mogul any way that he can. Watkins stated:

“It’s going to be a great experience. I’m going to go to the football camp to help out,” Watkins said. “Hopefully (Jim Kelly) will be out there ready and prepared…Anything for Jim. He represents this program the way it should be represented and I’d do anything for him.”

Humbling words from such a young man who is green to this community and its ways, but it is comforting to see Watkins feeling at home already.

Another thing about the 4th overall pick that Bills fans have to appreciate is his unrelenting work ethic. Watkins has already impressed head coach Doug Marrone with his dedication, as Marrone had this to say about the first round pick:

“My assessment of [Watkins] is that he probably has better hand-eye coordination than I thought coming in…Someone told me he was in here, like 6:45 (in the morning), running routes on air. Those are things that are encouraging. Those are the things you want to hear.”

As many great mentors tell top athletes they are training, in order to be great you must fall in love with the process of becoming great. Sammy Watkins seems to live this motto day in and day out, stating what he needs to work on most to reach his highest potential.

“For me I think I need to work on my routes more than anything… I have the speed and size and ability. Now it’s down to the details and the little things. In this league, the cornerbacks are great. They know the details of your routes so you have to be crisp and right on everything. You have to make everything look the same. That’s what I was trying to do, stay straight, keep my head up and work on my routes and my breaking points.”

As of now, the Bills may have drafted one of the most dedicated, and gifted players that the franchise has ever seen and the sky is truly the limit for him.

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