Horseshoe Mailbag: OTA Questions


The Colts entered OTA( organized team activities) yesterday, and the full offseason programs are under way. That is where the question of the week came in.

Will the Colts offensive line issues be solved this week? 


Although Khaled Holmes and Hugh Thorton need the work and extra time to mold in their first full offseason together, the role of where rookie Jack Mewhort will fit in.

The last two years Ryan Grigson has been trying to find a way to keep Andrew Luck on his feet and ¬†healthy, something that has been harder done than said. So why would something change in a matter of day? Right, it wouldn’t.

So they Colts goals this week will to get Luck and Holmes enough reps together and feel as comfortable as possible. Thorton is coming of a major injury(even though he started 12 games last year), and needs as many reps as he can get as he has yet to play a full season in the NFL, and as for Mewhort, he still will need to find his spot on the line.

Mewhort could play any spot on the line, but for now it looks like his best spot to come in and help will be at right guard. Although he played tackle while at Ohio State, he has the strength and speed to transition to the interior line well. His initial burst after the snap is as good as any rookie in the league, and he is quick with his hands. Something that is vital for a guard to quickly engage defenders.

So, do not expect the Colts issues on the offensive line to be solved this week, or even before the season starts, but a solid goal will be to have progress shown each week from Holmes, Thorton, and Mewhort.

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  • Aaron

    I think you meant Thomas is coming off of a major injury, not Thorton.