Poll: Should the Atlanta Falcons give Roddy White a new deal?


The Falcons and White’s camp are in contract extension talks. PFT, has reported that White could be re-signed before the start of camp in July. The question remains whether or not he will be willing to smaller deal.

Roddy White is no spring chicken, and the Falcons just spent over $100 million on quarterback Matt Ryan…. Which was a major reason why the Falcons were handcuffed in Free Agency.

Keep in mind, Julio Jones will be wanting a huge contract come later this season, and Atlanta will inevitably pay him royally. Arthur Blank is a very generous man in this department, however if White gets another big pay raise, the Falcons will be tied to him for the rest of his playing career. Tony Gonzales has retired, this reality will give White an expanded role in the offense. As well as open the door for Harry Douglas to step up in the slot position. Look for more 3-WR sets this season.

Roddy has been Atlanta’s most reliable pass-catcher since Matt Ryan was drafted, should Atlanta invest further into White’s playing career?

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  • PANTTERA’s Produce

    Pay that man his money.
    5 yrs 40 mill is fair. 10 mill signing bonus and 10 mill in 5th year with team option.

  • Tracy

    Falcons were anything but limited in free agency. Did you miss out on the contracts they gave to Soliai, T. Jax, Asomoah, and D. Hester?