Weekly Mailbag: Can Foucault start at right tackle? Thomas Davis better than Kuechly?


It’s that time of the week! Our Weekly Mailbag, which we do every Wednesday. Remember that if you’d like your question answered, tweet at us @cover32_CAR or ask in the comments section. Now onto this week’s questions.


What’re the chances this Canadian kid makes the team? Can he have any impact on this awful offensive line?
-Ben in Spartanburg, SC

I think the chances are pretty good for David Foucault to not only make the team, but to get significant playing time. He’s big (6’7” 300 lbs) and is nimble for being so large. With Nate Chandler the projected starting right tackle right now, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Foucault squeeze his way into the starting lineup at some point this season even if he doesn’t win the job in training camp.


I was appalled that Pro Football Focus ranked Luke Kuechly just the 80th best player in the NFL, but what was more interesting to me was that Thomas Davis was ranked so much higher by them. Am I missing something here? What does he do better than Kuechly?
-Josh in Greensboro, NC

The biggest difference between Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechly is that Davis does a lot more things well than Kuechly. Kuechly is a tackling machine and is very good against the run. However, Davis is better in just about every other aspect. This is because Davis is still one of the fastest linebackers in the NFL despite three major knee surgeries and because he’s been in the league for much longer. He’s better in pass coverage and significantly better as a pass rusher. Davis actually finished with one less sack (four) than AJ Hawk (five) did in 2013 and that’s with Hawk’s primary duty being to get after quarterbacks. Kuechly is still so young that I’d be surprised if he doesn’t have a much better career overall than Davis though.

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