Dez Bryant deflects contract talk


ARLINGTON, Texas – As eight Dallas Cowboys veterans were raising $50,000 for the Salvation Army at Reliant’s Third Annual Home Run Derby, reporters raise the question of Dez Bryant’s anticipated contract extension. The Pro Bowl wide receiver gave a cool as cash answer.

Like I said the other day: I just leave all that talk up to my agent and Mr. Jones and jump in whenever need to.”

Such talk from Dez Bryant seems surprisingly mature for a twenty-five year-old who ostensibly yelled at teammates and left the sidelines before a defeat’s conclusion last year. The expectation would be that Bryant wants to be paid a king’s ransom faster than Jerry Jones can write checks. However, Bryant knows that patience is key in these negotiations.

Bryant kept his philosophy on contract extensions succinct and basic. Aside from his characteristic twang, the receiver with third-most touchdowns in the league last year sounded very similar to his head coach. In other words, he gave nothing.

“Well, you know, I feel like it goes for any player: if you put the work in, and it’s deserving, then it is what it is. I’m just going to sit back and wait and see what happens.”

The Cowboys’ first round selection from the 2010 NFL Draft believes that he is one of the league’s better receivers when evaluating purely what happens on the field. When it comes to salary, Bryant believes that patience is key and to let his agent and the team owner come to a favorable agreement.

Instead of doing sit-ups in his driveway or partaking in some other holdout, whether publicized or otherwise, Bryant remains committed to getting better and improving upon his 2014 season. The receiver states that he leaves his mind “open.”

“I know for me, to always know there’s always room to get better,” Bryant explained. “You know, I truly do believe that. I know there’s more to learn. And each and every day, I try to go out there and do my best.”

And he leaves his agent, Eugene Parker, and Jerry Jones to do their best in working out his contract extension.


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