I Hate Thursday: Andre Johnson drama continues


In this week’s version of I Hate Thursday, we will continue to go over the drama that has ensued with Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson, who has sat out¬†OTAs thus far.

Johnson claimed a couple of weeks ago that he wasn’t sure if “Houston is the place” for him, and that he does not want to go through yet another rebuilding phase, and voices his frustration over the direction of the team and its overall lack of success.

It’s becoming more and more evident as time progresses that Johnson is basically saying he may not want to be a Texan much longer, which would be a big blow for any hope this team may have of returning to the playoffs.

Despite not having any consistency from three different quarterbacks last season, Johnson finished seventh in receiving yards with 1,407 and and had five touchdowns on 181 yards.

If Johnson does end up leaving the Texans, it will show a sign that Texans fans will have to embrace as a rebuild, which isn’t going to be easy to do.

We can only hope that management talks to him and tries to convince him to stay here.

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  • Anonymous

    Andre, the Texans have a stacked deck. they lost a few due to bad decisions. Finally the gentlemen upstairs making the play calls and influenced coach K

  • Anonymous

    Are gone now you are free to be 6 or better where you are personally happy. Go somewhere else and look for what you have here, no way. Be happy invest your money in Houston and watch your managers

  • Big MC

    I’m a fan, and I feel the same. the the only differenced is that Andre got paid Millions to have a so so season, I in the other hand payed for my season tickets ( in advance), Andre if your heart is not in Houston, do not let the door hit u in your way out!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Andre, this is what you’re paid to do. Even if the Texans are rebuilding, fulfill your obligation just like anyone else under contract.

  • Johnk

    Andre, pack your bags! You have lost the “Team Player” mind set. Your on your last few years, you’re getting slower, and you’re nowhere the player you once were or as good as YOU think you are

  • cnile

    I am very greatfull for the trememdous effort you have given the Texans in the past. I am sorry to see you throw all that admiration away by acting like a kid. I played college ball. and coached for awhile. I have seen the attitude you now have before but it was from young kids that were not paid millliions of dollars. We need a ready to play mentally A J but if not then be gone and don’t look back. Sad man Sad.