New England Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork’s Achilles no longer an issue


Vince Wilfork has always been deceptively nimble. For a behemoth 325+ lb. nose tackle, his speed and quickness helped separate him as one of the best in the business. That was up until he tore his Achilles tendon at Atlanta in Week 4 of 2013. Now all of that is up in the air. Can he recover at age 32? Can he recover as a 325+ pounder? Will he ever be able to move like he once did?

Recent video evidence suggests that he’s recovering just fine.

I can't deal with this dude today ???????????? @wilfork75 he thinks he's jammin

A video posted by Bianca Wilfork (@mrs75) on

An impressive and promising performance from big Vince, as he smokes some ribs for his Memorial Day BBQ. The video was taken by his wife, Bianca, who pairs as a pretty good scout in this instance.

Now that Wilfork’s status is all but a sure thing, the only questions remaining are whether there will be anyone to play alongside him at defensive tackle for the Patriots. Tommy Kelly (knee), Armond Armstead (heart, infection), and Dominique Easley (knees) are all recovering from injuries of their own. If only we could get Bianca on the case…

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