New lists suggests the Indianapolis Colts will win the AFC in 2014


We’re nearing the time of the summer (it is summer now, right?) where everyone and their brother is going to come out with a “bold predictions” column for the 2014 NFL season. Might we do one of those down the road? Sure, why not? But for now no one’s ready to truly lay it all on the line — or at least they shouldn’t be in late May.

Instead, let’s take a look at ten scenarios, five from the AFC and five from the NFC that could play out this year. There’s no pressure to put your mortgage on any of the following, but they are at least things to consider. The NFL more than any other league is widely unpredictable season after season. So rather than dismissing something as “there’s no way that can happen,” take a second, relax, realize it’s almost the weekend and try to envision the following going down.

While we’re not willing to guarantee any of them, you can put pretty good odds on at least a few of these playing out. After all, who had Atlanta and Houston finishing last in their respective divisions a year ago? No one, that’s who. And did anyone see the Panthers and the Chiefs in the playoffs? Please send us a 2013 pre-season predictions link if so.

With that in mind, to see ten things that wouldn’t shocked us if they occurred during the 2014 season or postseason, click here.

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